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What do they say? - a word to the developers

[Post New]by Giliraz on May 6, 11 9:44 PM
Are the dialogues important?
If the answer is yes, then pleas give me the time to read it... I'm a very slow reader...
If the answer is not, then why do you bother to writ them down...
It happens in most of the games, sometimes I can make it reapear and read what they say... this game has a continue butten and a skip butten for the quick and speedy readers, but the written lines vanishes before I cant read whatever they say...
is there a way to slow them down?

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Re:What do they say? - a word to the developers

[Post New]by cll1950 on May 9, 11 9:03 PM
I agree, although I can read fast when I want to, this is pleasure time. I don't want to speed-read through a game.

This is a game that will attract many children. Give us all a break.


Completely agree...

[Post New]by sabrinac925 on Dec 29, 11 2:51 PM
I absolutely loved this game but I completely agree the text disappeared too fast. I also can read fast and also agree that I shouldn't have to when I'm trying to relax and play games to de-stress. This is not a time management game so why not give us a few more seconds to read - especially for those of us who like to get involved and understand the story behind the game? Completely understand your frustration.

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Re:What do they say? - a word to the developers

[Post New]by sandhan on Apr 29, 12 2:35 AM
I really prefer being able to click to advance the dialogue. Sometimes I'm "multi-tasking," and don't like having to keep my eyes on the screen every second. Why should the game stipulate how fast I need to read? If the words go too quickly, I miss stuff; if they go too slowly, it's irritating to have to wait. It's also nice to have the option of repeating dialogue if you want.

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