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Your Comments and Reviews for Beach Party Craze

[Post New]by Nissiah on May 6, 11 9:50 PM
Usually I don't like TM game for the reason that when a customer shows up, you are required to click and drag the customer to chairs and other areas.

This game is better because you click on the customer and the customer walks to the areas they want. Your job is to serve them food and provide them entertainment and refill/upgrade items. Also, customer money is automatic, no rushing to the cash register to end the transaction.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Beach Party Craze

[Post New]by Mycatzluvme2 on Dec 9, 11 2:37 PM
I am the same way, don't like having to drag someone somewhere, but I love this one, I have played it over and over again. Wish they would make 2nd and 3rd one to it like they do the Farm Frenzy!!! Would buy them in a heartbeat!!!


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Beach Party Craze

[Post New]by sunnyside_up on May 14, 12 6:43 PM
I really liked this game. It was most enjoyable and probably will play again.


Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Beach Party Craze

[Post New]by MrsWatermelon on Dec 31, 12 4:20 AM
I play TM games almost exclusively and IMO this is the best one available on Big Fish Games.

Things I like:

- Not having to drag customers
- The graphics; clean, colourful and cute
- There are lots of levels with different challenges
- The level of challenge is very good
- The concept of a beach party business is unusual and makes a change from the normal shop games
- There are so many different stations and upgrades that you really have to develop a strategy for upgrades in-game as opposed to something like Cake Mania or Sally's Salon (also favourite TM games of mine) where once you've purchased an upgrade in the shop, it is automatically there in each level. At first I didn't like this but I see that it requires more strategy and makes more of a challenge which is good.

Things I would change/improve:

- I wish you could move your character to a station without a customer being there. For example to go to the diving rental station you have to wait for a customer to go there and ask for something, but you can see in advance that the customer is walking there so it would be helpful if your character could move there before the customer to save time. On levels with small time limits, saving those few seconds can really make a difference.

- I would like to assign tasks to staff and queue their tasks. Your character can carry multiple deck chairs at once when clearing up, but the staff guy will only take one at a time. Didn't make much sense to me.

- I would have the option to turn away waiting guests. For some levels you want certain guests (e.g. the guys in Speedos) because they buy/hire the things you need. It would be good to turn away other guests when needed to make room for the ones you want.

- I'd like more choice about which upgrades to purchase when. You're forced to take certain upgrades in the shop and others are not available until very late in the game. It's all part of the strategy deciding which upgrades to purchase and I didn't like not having that choice.

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Re:Your Comments and Reviews for Beach Party Craze

[Post New]by simlady40 on May 12, 13 7:20 AM
love it love it love it one of my fav TM games , please can we have a second one?

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