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Just wondering

[Post New]by userfree on May 7, 11 7:27 PM
Hello my fellow gamers. I was having a chat last night with myself about the joy of playing a real good game from BFG. Could it be that we are soooo spoiled with CE's with the elaborate graphics, sound, situation/s involved that having just an SE just doesn't cut it anymore? Personally after playing Thursday's edition, which sometime gets me through most of the weekend, I am most always met with disappointment the rest of the week, just waiting until the next CE. So, BFG, I am just asking, do you think your loyal fans could see a decrease in the amount we pay for a CE? Surely as the years have passed, these games are the ones we enjoy the most, and not because of the "extra" bonus time, that, for the most part, doesn't amount to much. Anyone?

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