The Ravenhearst Arch: A discussion of the "Questionables"

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Well, starting: I would like to introduce myself formally as Alilith Blanche. Next, I want to state that this is my first discussion amongst the fishies (which I am very proud to be apart of.)
My sister and I spend most of our time trying to make sense of some minor details of the story that are connected to the big picture. For a long while I have had many questions pertaining to the small details of the Ravenhearst mysteries as well as the connecting MCF series such as Madame Fate and 13th Skull. Throughout the other forums I have (obsessively) read over, I figured that if I shared some of my conclusions, thoughts, theories, etc. with the group, I would receive helpful feedback if not a fun and righteous brain storm! So...let's get started!

-My first thoughts wrap around Rose and Charles relationship. Once I played 13th Skull and discovered the letter (if you complete the bonus round) from Grace discussing her daughter going to Blackpool, England it dawned on me that the daughter could very well be Rose. It makes perfect sense especially with the time period of the letter and time Rose was hired. Also, I often wonder if Victor was the love child of Charles and Rose before Rose married. It is a thought and could be a potentionally good answer as to where he (Victor) came from and why Rose managed to become so involved. Think about it. If her twins were caught in the cross fire, then it was because they were in close range (hinting that they were living within Ravenhearst before Charles insanity went on overload) OR the twins were his children.

-On that same note of the twins...they called him "daddy"...willingly? Even in death? Could it have been they were still afraid to call him Charles (if he weren't their father)? Or was it actually true?

-One moment it is greatly implied that Charles murdered Emma. Next it is true. How curious.

*Would it not have been an awesome experience to see Ravenhearst in its prime? Seeing the actual events take place..(especially Bob from the elevator...and poor Kevin). I wonder what was going through their minds and how they came to be there in the first place?

-When Charles left England (after being turned down by Emma) was this because he was admitted into the institution? Why did he come back richer as well?

-What exactly killed the construction men from Ravenhearst? Voodoo? I feel that Charles may have cursed the home himself with voodoo to keep hope of Emma's escape far if anticipated.

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Re:The Ravenhearst Arch: A discussion of the "Questionables"

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Hi KalyptoRage!

Since this thread isn't related to Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues, I'm going to go ahead and move it over to our Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst Forum page.

This way, it will be easier for other Ravenhearst players to contribute to the conversation.

Great questions by the way!



Re:The Ravenhearst Arch: A discussion of the "Questionables"

[Post New]by KalyptoRage on May 9, 11 4:24 PM
Oh my goodness! My mistake! Thank you so much!


Re:The Ravenhearst Arch: A discussion of the "Questionables"

[Post New]by KalyptoRage on May 12, 11 2:23 PM
Okay, I have another thought...

Victor struck me as a potential equal of fact, I believe that he may very well be Charles as a child named Victor in order to keep his legacy and presence alive. I know I am taking a leap, but with MCF one has to always take a leap, haha. Besides, I am baffled at this point as to who he might have swooned to have his child. I don't know.
On the other hand, he could have stole a child, named him Victor and called it a day...

Although........I could see Victor being Charles since Victor was never physically apart of "family time" like, the twins and Rose....and he was the only one who turned out

BUT THEN....this just occurred to would be a sad thing to find out Rose was pregnant before and had the child while be taken by Charles. The crib was in the twins theory could go on and on....

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Re:The Ravenhearst Arch: A discussion of the "Questionables"

[Post New]by mamajay on May 12, 11 3:33 PM
Hi Kalypto Welcome to the Pond

You certainly have some interesting theories going on there. It has been a while since I played Ravenhearst and Return to Ravenhearst, so I may have to go back and refresh my memory a bit, lol.

I am not sure why you think Rose is from America, like Emma was? If I remember rightly (you can correct me if I am wrong, lol), Rose lived in the town/village with her husband and twin daughters and was hired to look after Emma during her illness. I don't know if we are ever told just how Charles managed to keep her (and get the girls as well) at Ravenhearst.

As you have read all the threads, you know just how much conjecture there has been about all these characters - and that so far, none of us have really had any theories confirmed - which only adds to the fun of course

Looking back now, I have the feeling that Dire Grove, 13th Skull and even Madame Fate are just teasing us as the only real connection is the Detective Ah well, they are still fun to play (13th Skull not so much, imho, but DG is definitely fun to play). Of them all, I think RTR and DG are the best in the series.

I just hope the next one will actually answer some questions this time, lol.



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[Post New]by KalyptoRage on May 13, 11 3:17 PM
Jen, thank you so much for responding to my thread and for the welcome! It is well appreciated

As for Rose, I didn't say I thought she was from America. However, I wonder if she was the daughter sent to Blackpool mentioned in 13th Skull. It just happens to be so my eyes at least. And it is hinted that she was of another ethnicity which in my opinion could be of an Irish descent. I know that many assume most to be red head and pale, but from my personal experience, I've seen plenty with dark hair and tan skin. Then again she have Spaniard blood... Okay, shutting up, haha.

But I must agree with you! I was not a big fan of the latest case. Once the interaction with the animated characters diminished, that MCF feeling left with it. Otherwise, I was still entertained. I just hope that Dust to Dust connects to the Ravenhearst story!!

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