Definition of "Fun".

[Post New]by StillBuffi on May 10, 11 2:23 AM
Has anyone noticed how many game blurbs say they are "fun hidden object games" ? They say this when the game is a horror-type, a detective game, a time-travel game...whatever the type of game, it's a "fun" game. I think of "fun" as being cheery, light-hearted, enjoyable to do, maybe even with some humor involved somewhere. It can't refer to EVERY game they put out, surely? Perhaps the "fun" they're talking about refers to the joy they feel in finally finishing the game production and getting paid.
It seems to be the common opinion of most that Hollywood Files: Deadly Intrigues, is a loser; hard to see and difficult to play. So what's so "fun" about it? PLEASE, GameFish blurb writers; can we see less of that word unless the game is, indeed FUN?

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Re:Definition of "Fun".

[Post New]by TeamSD on May 10, 11 2:29 AM
Agree with you, i think the dev just assume that their game is FUN (which is NOT!!!)

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