hidden titanic

[Post New]by sxymk792 on May 10, 11 4:01 AM
I have bought and downloaded this game like other games I have bought. I bought a new acre touch screen comp, and some of my bigfish games work fine but on some of them you can hear the game working but on my monitor all I get is a flashing screen with different colored bars, can someone tell me what the problem might be. thanks

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Re:hidden titanic

[Post New]by firestone1960 on May 10, 11 5:00 AM
hi sxymk and welcome to the pond!!

I have no idea what may be the problem ~ but, you can click the over here ---> and contact BFG CS and they will help you...the customer service here is truly awesome and absolutely they will be able to determine the problem and help you with the steps necessary to fix it.

I recently bought a new pc, and this time went with a laptop - but, I looked long and hard at those touch screens ~ reaaaallly wanted one of those...other than the fact that you can't play some games, how is it for you? The reason I didn't get one in the end was I was certain that others in the house wouldn't leave it alone and it would get broken before I had it 2 weeks...lol.

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