Help with bolts on cache

[Post New]by Rhea603 on May 10, 11 7:19 AM
I'm so deeply aggravated that I'm about to give up this game. What is wrong with these people? God forbid you should simply click on the bolts, and have them pop out, grab the keys and move on. It took me forever to remove the two right ones. Now I can't get the two left ones out - tried what I thought I did on the right ones, but no luck.

Is there some trick for them? You can't even get out of the screen, do something else and come back to them later. Gah! I know these is a simple minded HOG, but really!

I have this problem - once I start a game I usually finish it (unless it's so dismal that I want to throw the computer at the wall )

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Re:Help with bolts on cache

[Post New]by eedebeep on May 24, 11 8:40 PM
OK , how did you get even 2 bolts out? I've got the incredibly expanding and shrinking screwdriver that I can't even grab to get at the bolts!


Re:Help with bolts on cache

[Post New]by KathrynJB on May 25, 11 6:33 PM
I'm stuck here too. I can't even get away from the cache to look for a screwdriver.


Re:Help with bolts on cache

[Post New]by easybybutterly on May 27, 11 1:25 PM
I dont even see a screw driver to help get the screws all...All they will do is turn when I tap them..Someone please help


Re:Help with bolts on cache

[Post New]by Neicie52 on Sep 5, 12 4:49 AM
Just move the screwdriver about 3cm to the left of each bolt and they will unlock.

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