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Help on Helpers

[Post New]by QzQzQzQzQz on May 10, 11 2:25 PM
Is anyone else not finding the helpers all that helpful. A little confused on what each one does. Jim seems to be the only one that accomplishes anything.

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Re:Help on Helpers

[Post New]by Brackenlady on Jul 13, 11 2:19 AM
I agree that Jim is the one to go for usually but mainly as you need fewer rating points with him so you can get him more often. And he does the two things you need most: the watering which saves you having to interrupt your planned moves and the harvesting which means you can concentrate on animals and machines which makes things easier. The only thing to watch is whether he is harvesting anything you need large quantities of - you may need to harvest some of these yourself even in an episode when you have a lot of machine and animal work to do.

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