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empty frames

[Post New]by sammygram on May 10, 11 9:06 PM
there are 3 empty frames can only find i poster to put in

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Re:empty frames

[Post New]by dvdiva on May 11, 11 8:15 AM
Hi sammy!

Are you referring to the posters in the billiards bar? This one is a bit confusing, because there are 3 dog posters on the wall, and there's blank frame on the billiards table. The poster pieces go into the frame. As for the dog posters, just click on them when a customer asks for them, to launch the mini-game.

Or do you mean the posters in the steamboat? Yes, there are 3 empty frames on the wall, but when you place the poster pieces in, they will be evenly distributed among the 3 frames.

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