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Can anyone tell me the end of the story detaily. I cannot read it fast enought to catch every word

[Post New]by dogmichael on May 11, 11 2:14 PM
Can you tell me the end detailly.In the last few scenes at the end, I cann't read fast enough and unable to grab every detail. It ran to fast. This is what Big Fish should advice to the developer to slow down when we have to read the story. I thougth I could read it in the diary but it just send me back to the main manu and I don't want to have to start the game from the beining to read the endings story.

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Re:Can anyone tell me the end of the story detaily. I cannot read it fast enought to catch every w

[Post New]by gingergal on May 30, 13 6:33 PM

I realise this is years old but in case anyone else is having the same problem. I printed the screenshots and wrote them down. The first section is the cutscenes just before the end and the diary explaining them. The second section is the very last cutscenes.

In the diary
- I saw a ghost, it was the Duke's ghost! Before the Countess became a Countess, she had been his wife and a Duchess. The Duke told me their story...

cutscenes -

"I've been watching you for such a long time! And it's time to tell you the truth. The murdered Countess was once my wife. We were very happy, but one day my friend, the Count, came to our house, and my wife fell in love with him. They were seeing each other by night. And in one of those stolen nights, they hatched a plan to kill me.

They began giving me small, daily portions of poison, but I revealed their plan. After several sleepless nights, I made my decision. I knew how best to punish them both.

Give them what they wish for: I insisted they marry. Before I died, I wrote a letter to the judge to advise him that in the event of their divorce, the truth must be revealed. Now you know who murdered the Countess.

Now you must find the Count. He is hiding in the abandoned watermill. "

In the diary -

After many sleepless nights, the Duke decided he wasn't going to destroy their happiness. Instead he found the best way to punish them - he insisted that they marry.....Now I see who killed the countess. It is the man whose love didn't last much beyond the wedding day.

very end cutscenes
(when you go up the ladder)

"I need to be very careful. Hands up! I know everything about you and about what you did!"

(missed one cutscene then..)

The Count wanted to break with his newlywed wife, but the Countess began to threaten him. If he left her, she would go to the police and admit their crime. So he chose to kill her instead. After he murdered the Countess, he shaved off his beard and moustaches to change his appearance. He thought he had everything covered, but he didn't anticipate the ill-fated letter left by the betrayed Duke. That's the end of this sad story about the Betrayals of Love."

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