2 hints for that help when playing chicken invaders 3 Christmas Edition

[Post New]by 4mamabb on May 11, 11 7:48 PM
I laughed at my son telling me that he loves to play Chicken Invaders. I thought "how childish" and I also thought of it being boring. UNTIL he started to go on and on about how he got up to 3 million points. I HAD NO CHOICE but to try to beat him. I now have gotten where I win over 8 million points everytime I play. I LOVE this game and am highly addicted to it. I am a person in my 40's and you would NEVER think I'd be into this sort of game. I like playing the hidden object or Adventure games. But again I LOVE this game. I can give you all some small hints. If you do not want the hints please read no further. Otherwise happy chicken hunting! 1st hint: You will see little packages and little swirly colorful things around and as you know you get more points for them and also more power. Well I have noticed that once I get to a point where I like the power I have I AVOID the small packages. Because it seems that sometimes it will take away some of your power. So stick to the power you like and still catch those swirly colorful things but try to avoid the packages. 2nd hint: When you get to the oval shaped metal barrel that shoots in four directions YOU CAN NOT destroy it. The best place to be is in the right hand bottom corner of your screen. If the thing gets close to you bring yourself closer to the bottom if the thing gets farther go A LITTLE higher but stay in that corner. Shoot at it as much as you can to get thru the situation but you will never kill it. STAY in that corner. I hope this helps a little. Have fun!

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Re:2 hints for that help when playing chicken invaders 3 Christmas Edition

[Post New]by eserafina on Mar 14, 12 8:50 PM
I was actually (finally) able to kill that thing, but thanks for the tip about staying in the corner!

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