Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by skyzestar on Oct 9, 11 7:05 PM
I don't usually post a review, but I had to after playing this game. This game kept me so intrigued and interested that I just couldn't stop playing until I would beat it. Good thing my husband pulled me away when needed ha ha otherwise I would have not stopped! I loved, loved, loved it!

There was a nice balance of very challenging puzzles to easy puzzles that were great for me because I would continue to get frustrated if it was always very challenging that I would need to step away. I was also surprised to see that you could skip each puzzle without getting docked anything as usual games do. I think that was great because it makes the game play realistic--there's going to be some puzzle that you just can't seem to solve.

Finally, I really loved that a major part of the game is to find and rescue contestants of a gameshow! What imaginative creativity the writers have! I think it was very well-thought out and it made me nervous with some of the scenarios. It reminded me of the Saw movies at some parts of the game, which I have always wanted to interact as a character in a game like that! ~Bravo!!

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by Mohlin on Oct 10, 11 1:17 PM
Lots of puzzles, I love it. But my problem was that sometimes the instructions for the puzzles/minigames were harder to understand than the puzzles themselves! Sometimes I just tried and - OH! is that what you want me to do. AHA!
I had to skip the starsign-puzzle, because I didn't understand what they wanted me to do.
Too many sliders as well I think. Hate them.

But I do love interactive maps!!

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by Noonio on Oct 10, 11 1:48 PM
I really enjoyed this game. Puzzles were good and not too many HOs which is good for me. Elephant games are always good. Loved the graphics, story lines. Great buy.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by Opus1965 on Oct 12, 11 4:11 AM
I really enjoyed this game. I played it twice. It was well worth it. Even better than some CE's I've purchased. The Hint Button was useful in letting you know where to go next if you were stuck. The interactive map was very helpful in putting you at the location you want to go without backtracking through the game.

I hope they make another game like this. it would be a definite buy. I was glad that it was a SE. I haven't seen any really good SE's lately. They all seem to go by way of CE.

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Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by Opus1965 on Oct 12, 11 4:12 AM
thewhon1 wrote:
TeamSD wrote:It's Elephant Games so I know what I could expect, they never made me disappointing!

Well, i'm quite surprised to see that this game release as SE cuz Elephant Games never ever release any SE game since The Void. The quality of this game also should be a CE, but it's great to see SE game which is FANTASTIC!

Graphics and animations are awesome as i expected, i really liked the story - it's fresh and really interesting! The characters are very well drawn, even though the bad guy is a bit similar to the bad guy in Raincliff - but that's not the point anyway Music and sound effects are suit the atmosphere, HOG scenes are easy and you can random clicking just like other games from the dev (but there're no achievements in this game!). Puzzles are fun so far and the gameplay is on the easy side!

What i can see that's different than other Elephant Games is that there's a MAP! We all know that all games from this dev including lots and back and forth. The dev finally know that most of us don't like that, so they've including an interactive map for us. It tells you what to do, where to go and you can skip to that place right on the map - really useful!

After 25 mins into the demo, i know it's a definite BUY for me - if you're looking for a SE game with CE quality, this is the one!!!


Graphics: A*
Story: A*
Music: A*
Puzzles: A
HOG Scenes: A
Fun: A*
Gameplay: A
Overall: A*

My grades can be as high as A* or as low as F!

I agree, definitely a CE game at the SE price.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by hmhque on Oct 13, 11 11:12 AM
I thought this was a great game! The storyline grabbed me and the scenes were very interesting and creative.

The game play lasted quite a while, I didn't time myself but at one point I kept thinking it must be done soon and kept going to new sections, so not a short game.

I despise HOG junkpile scenes and these weren't great but easy enough. I long for games without them altogether. This had a lot of other action and puzzles to keep me happy.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by enigma5619 on Oct 14, 11 7:31 PM
good game
great end
nice graphics
good story
good puzzles
i like elephant games!

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by SairBelle on Oct 15, 11 5:39 AM
i really liked this game. It seemed a fully made game, and the length was great. Each time I thought I reached an ending, and where most games would of ended, it kept going allowing for more game play. Even the ending had a twist that left room for a sequel instead of splashing to be continued across the screen.

One factor I really loved was the map system. Not only did it allow for fast travel so you didn't have to constantly go back and forth, it also provided a nudge to where you had to go next. Instead of holding your hand and pointing directly to things like a hint system, it instead told you what rooms had something left to do. If you got truly stuck, then there was the more precise hint system available as well.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by lilTweet7 on Oct 15, 11 8:06 PM
Wow! What a fantastic game. I forgot all about this game, as I purchased it awhile back, but set it aside to play on a day without too many interruptions. Well that day was today. At first, I was not thrilled with what I considered, dark, drab color graphics, but as I progressed in the game, I not only found the graphics very befitting for the game, but in some instances, almost realistic, especially in some of the cut scenes, which I might add were terrific.

The story line kept me interested, because I had no idea where the plot was going to lead. Kept me in suspence all the way through. Additionally, the eerie music could not have been better.... developers did a great job on the music and the entire game.

Very, very, good and unique puzzles, and what seemed like a gazillion of them. The game is also a very good length.... seemed long to me, though I did not actually time it, and to tell you the truth, I have yet to complete it.

Love the adventure feel to the game, as well as the HOG scenes, which were not boringly too simply to find objects in.

All and all, glad I purchased the game.... A REALLY GREAT GAME! A really good way to spend a rainy, cool day outside, inside.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by EnvirEng on Oct 16, 11 5:04 PM
IMHO, this is a pretty darn good H0G/Adventure game. There is a map that shows where actions are required and you can click on another location and you are there. So, no wearing out your shoes walking around. The story is interesting and the locations are great. Image quality is good and I had no technical difficulties at all.

Some misc. comments:

Lots of minigames/puzzles. Not too hard, but most weren't too easy, either.

This game took me a long time to play. I'm thinking six plus hours. Didn't skip anything but used a hint now and again.

Some things were hard to figure out (what to do with the box of sand), but the hints are useful!

There is a lot of going back and forth. Get an item here use it over there, get another item, use it in another location, etc.

As far as I could tell, all the items in the H0G scenes were correctly named! Yea!

I'd give the game 4/5 stars. If you like H0G/Adventure games, you will probably really enjoy this one.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by Tundei on Oct 17, 11 7:26 AM
The big, fat sparkles are keep sparkling even after you clicked on the items are big turn offs for me. And the text messages give too much away. Is there any chance the devs. will update this game with a difficulty option?

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by HiLupe on Oct 17, 11 8:32 AM
I enjoyed this game very much. Graphics are very good and I found some of the puzzles to be challenging.

I would definitely recommend this game.


Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by quarlesqueen on Oct 17, 11 1:09 PM
Urban Legends: The definitely AMAZING !!

Thanks Elephant games, for an adventure/hog with a great storyline, that keeps you in suspence, and wanting to know what happens next, with these contestants.
Brilliant idea and a breath of fresh air, from the same old, same old, like in most games today, this one makes you use your brain, and work to save these people.
Also, while challenging, which sometimes makes me frustrated, this one did not, between the hint system, and the interactive map, to help, this was a very enjoyable game to play, and the level of difficulty was perfect for me.
I can't thank the developers enough, for including the interactive map, I am not one who likes going back and forth, to collect one item, so being able to use the map, put this game above a lot of others I've played.
Not only does it save in sneakers, but it lets you know what still needs to be done, in other area's, or if your done in that area....LOVE the MAP ...this made the game SO much more FUN and ENJOYABLE!!
AND I must say, I loved the contraptions the developers used on the contestants, does kind of remind you of the movie "SAW ", especially the one with the drill aiming at your skull ..YIKES!!
But my biggest fear would be in the water chamber, NOW that would make me have a panic attack, BIG TIME ..can't say I would be as calm, as they
Since I am a slow poke, I would hope for a faster detective, if I were in there shoes .
I just found this to be a great game, with so much to do, it is a long game, which I LOVE, so kudo's to the developers for that also, it was well worth 7.41, so money well spent.
And I just LOVED the ending, didn't just end, like most games, so am really looking forward to the next installment, in this series, will be buying, for sure .
These developers, ELEPHANT games, did an AMAZING job, they really used their brains, and put a lot of hard work, into this suspencful thriller .
So IMHO this one gets 5 for ULTM, way to go !

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by kellabeck on Oct 17, 11 5:03 PM
Never have i skipped as many games as I did in this one

Some of the games were fun and challenging. A few were too simple, but way too many were just stupid and ridiculous!

In some cases, the directions weren't clear. Case in point-- those 2 trays with the dragons and dots. I was trying to match up the dots like dominos. Turns out that wasn't necessary, but the directions weren't clear and even the walk-through didn't help.

I skipped the stupid game of the the cars that required your choosing arrows. WTF?

I would try some rounds of games but when the annoyance quotient grew too large I would just hit "SKIP" and try to get on with the game.

A BIG disappointment.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by Beingknown on Oct 18, 11 11:29 AM
I found this to be such an enjoyable game!

The graphics are crisp and clear, even within the hidden object scenes (so that even though objects are well hidden, they are not invisible or fuzzy).

The game-play is entertaining and smooth. I encountered no glitches, at all. The game offers non-linear exploration for the most part, which I really appreciate. Even the soundtrack is good and the sound effects provide good atmosphere.

The puzzles are just complex enough to require a bit of thinking and planning. There is also the enjoyable challenge (at least for me) of encountering a problem you’ll only find the piece to activate later in the game, and then need to remember where you need the item and then place it to activate the mini-games.

While it’s fun to test your memory and explore, if you do get stumped there is a map which will indicate areas in which actions may currently be performed. If you really get stuck, there are also hints available for game-play, as well as within the hidden object screens.

Overall, I found this game very entertaining, with just enough challenge to provide some mental stimulation, without being at all frustrating. It provided many hours of fun.

Another great game from Elephant. Good job, developers! I highly recommend this game to all who enjoy Adventure Games.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by iamlindy on Nov 4, 11 7:06 AM
This was probably one of THE best games I have played! There are lots of comments here already so I'll keep this short. Love the puzzles, even though I had to skip some and really got stuck on one or two but will gladly have some hard puzzles to try out than too many easy ones. Really looooong game too. I was really surprised when I would think it was done and then on we moved to another area. Wow! Story line was great too. A mystery! And more to come! Can't wait. Love it. I would give this a perfect 10

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by Kebbielebbie on Nov 14, 11 9:19 PM
I wasn't thrilled with this game...I certainly wouldn't have given it all A's as some reviewers have. For me the h.o.g. scenes were really boring...IDK perhaps its just me. I also thought the puzzles were really too easy. No buy for me...


Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by shrubs on Nov 16, 11 1:20 AM
I loved this game and Enigmatis both very similar great games keep them coming.

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by minx69696969 on Nov 19, 11 4:47 AM
OMG i loved it! Definately a buy. I can't recommend it enough. Try try try

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Re:Reviews for Urban Legends: The Maze

[Post New]by laffinlady on Nov 20, 11 9:02 AM
Enjoyed the game very much. The puzzles were creative but not impossible. The HOGs were fairly easy to find. Interesting story line; kept me engaged. Fast game. I was done within a short period of time.

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