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[Post New]by Trucker1979 on Jun 7, 16 3:00 AM
...They even pay out the same amount as small and medium combined, While white are the MOST common to receive in any size standard kit for coins, the kits which cost you precious harder to come by crystals/gems pay out specific amount of runes in each size kit.

Adept and Searcher kits for crystal/gems are much the same as their ones for coins, of which the Adept/Searcher costs you more in those precious carbon mineral.

Master and Dragon sets while also costing crystal gems instead of gold coins, each provide the same per kit for either set. That is small gives you only one black and large gives you three for either set

Thus as I said with Competitions, while the First, second and third place chest net you 200, 100 or 50 gold and 20, 10, 5 xp points each. None of them pay you crystals evven if you get first second or third place for Efficiency for the day on the Cometition roster. All of those chest do however pays you with Dragon food for the VoM Dragons Only.

Duels while wining rounds won't get you gems, but as i said will allow you to unlock and gain access in the Shop/Store under the Magic Shop tab to certain Magic Items which you can then buy with the pearls you have and get more money for selling. Along with duel wins, you get a max of ten pearls, thus you gain four pearls per win, though with a loss you lose what you get but get back less to little as 1 pearl. But also each time you lose you also lose points towards a higher rank which with each Rank you gain you get 5 Crystal Gems and Gold! Though is you fall below in rank rating you will not get that prize again since you already earned and received it.

So if your adamant about going into Tournaments, take your time is the best untill you feel ready. in the meantime you can do as you wish with the pearls, but also know there are some Halloween events where you can buy items for items rquire to access the room to explore it, much like with Gazebo of Mysteries, Hobbit Hut, Ifrit Palace and Water Mill. And also like the mazes for the Lairiel's Voice event. which require keys much like the Beast (Dragon) Maze.

Do remember as I said, with VIP you DO ACTUALLY get 30% more experience and gold, but NOT crystal gems which you get by buying kits and getting the Gold chest in the Maya Rune as well as the Fire Dragon in the Beast Maze from time to time. You will notice upon after buying the VIP status for 30 days which is the best option if you play daily it would appear when you click on a room....


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[Post New]by Trucker1979 on Jun 7, 16 3:06 AM
to explore you will see a drop down under the gold and experience showing how much more of each you will get. You can while using VIP also use additional Talismans (Artifacts in the assembly area) which for what they are additionally worth a certain amount of extra gold, experience, and chance of finding an object which means more items that drop from the room which you get after you finishing hunting the room objects at the end of the hunt. The time reduction talismans are worth the most as it shows your energy regen time reduced by the amount it provides as shown by the timer underside the energy status. Do know and remember you can only run ONE of each type of talisman at a time, so let the timer run and explore the room while its still counting down before replacing with the same one or a newer or better one.


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[Post New]by Trucker1979 on Jun 7, 16 3:09 AM
Trucker1979 wrote:
jaid_diah wrote:
Trucker1979 wrote:
jaid_diah wrote:
8. Mayan Pyramids. No one has figured out what they are for. I'll assemble the artifacts that make up the Pyramid, but it's not worth expending any coin/crystal/creature card to get the Unicorn at Bellows Manor to cough up the charges needed for it. If it drops, it drops.

8. Mayan Pyramids and the artifacts for making it are for the Portal in the Manor. Also there is an event or side quest as its considered related to St Patricks day that requires you to assemble 5 Celestial Dreambooks and 18 Mystic Drinks which is noted in the wiki.
Along with a few other side quest which require past artifacts you made per Major of Guild tasks.

The Wikia doesn't have that info. Huh. LOL, there was a topic here about it and no one else knew what it was for either. Guess we all forgot the Portal thing, since it was so early on in the game.

Even I almost forgot about those artifacts to the relic as well after I first assembled, I even have extra of two of those which are staying in my BP.

It's in the wiki under RoM - Quests - Major as all items to portal upgrades to the next area are Major Tasks and anything listed Guild in the Task is for Valley of Magicians.

As I said, you are welcome to assemble them as many times as you like say if you are out of energy points and that close to leveling up, putting more of any artifact you got all the pieces and charges for is a great way of getting those last few XP to the next level.

However, you may want to make sure you refer to the wiki RoM Quest-Side Quests and also the Events tab at the charts/lists and make you save enough for when the event comes around to assemble past artifacts that are needed for that (right hand side list) event.

Also if you got 70 or more crystals/gems, it is a great idea to go for the 30 Day VIP so you can gather up coins for the Rune Kits so when you need to buy more Large Kits to get the Runes you need both blue/red and especially the black/yellow runes to get to the chest or dragon depending on what maze you do. Since as you also will need to gather and ave up all much coins for when you get into a new are to unlock all rooms at once if possible instead of one or two or three at a time and leaving you with little to no coins for the rest of the area rooms or for Rune Kits.

If you ask why I suggest getting the Large Kits for the Runes. from my experience they cost as much as medium


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[Post New]by mysticmag on Jul 28, 16 4:02 AM
Hi, can anyone help, I have collected all items for a certain task but when I try to assemble it it says I must complete the quest first but I dont know what the quest is! can anyone suggest where to find the quest? thanks.


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[Post New]by Librarian2003 on Jul 28, 16 7:59 AM
Hi Mysticmag

Are you trying to assemble this thing from a pop-up? If so, go to the left hand side of your screen and see if there's a task there requiring you to assemble the same thing. That's usually the cause of this problem

When you've got an assemble task, it's usually at the top of your task list on the left.

Hope that helps. If not, let us have a little bit more detail.

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[Post New]by Vulcaness on Aug 10, 16 12:29 PM
marliza discovered this great tip and it has now been written about on 3 different offer threads. It has also been tested by others and found to be accurate.

Next time you have to collect 25/30/35 of item (key, ferns, bones) from a creature for an offer there is a way to increase the drop rate. Once you have the needed creature on its home screen (Bellow, Paris, etc.) or at your neighbors and have selected it do not click help until the movement reaches a certain point.

Viking: Click help just as the shields come forward.

Cave Technology: Click help when Uuh brings the club up to touch his head.

The Witch: Click help as the witch finishes assembling the spell and starts to toss it.

The Forge: Click help just as Timli picks up his leg to stomp per Trucker1979. At N's click on 3rd strike to anvil, per Saraherc5

You will need to fine tune the exact time to click and it will not always work. I do best when holding down help then release at given point.

This trick has improved my drop rate tremendously. I've usually had to use gold to buy enough trade items for my neighbors as I never have enough of what is needed after playing the first three artifacts. I'm also wasting fewer creature summoning spells when feeding the creature on its home screen and I'm having to spend fewer crystals to finish off the feeding.

Thanks marliza for sharing this tip.

I'll try to edit as more click points are found.

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[Post New]by lovesnf on Aug 10, 16 9:57 PM
Wow, that is a really good tip. Good observation skills, Marliza! I saw you post it before but I didn't really understand what you meant. Thanks for giving the examples, Vulcaness, they really made it clear.

What I have been doing is to wait until it's time to actually use the items before I try to get them from the creature. I also use a talisman like the Wish Master to increase my chances of finding an object plus I have a dragon that increases my chances of finding an object and I make sure it is fed to the max. I find that these increase the drop rate dramatically.

Yay for forum sharing!

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[Post New]by marliza on Aug 11, 16 7:59 AM
I just thought of another tip to share.

If you find yourself having a room mode that is not the one called for in a quest, check your artifacts and see if there are any where you need an item from that room. (I personally made a list of these, going through my artifacts.)

I have found that when doing that room in a mode that isn't required for the event item, if I scroll through the items and leave the list of items "that you can find" on the list that contains the item I need, that sometimes it helps to get that item. Of course you have to remember that when you DO reach the room mode of the event "offer" task, you have to keep the list right where it is, so that the event item shows up first.

Does that make any sense?

I have found that by not using the silver taro cards, and playing through all of the room modes instead, that I have gotten a lot of those "just one more item to go" artifacts completed. This also helps to get the helping items for the creatures in the event.

For example - I am on a Forge quest for the cellar in night. I am in a different mode. I am putting my "things you can find list" onto the list that contains the cup of whirls. LOL. It's always worth the try!

---- [i]WOW --- Guess what *I* just got!

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[Post New]by marliza on Aug 13, 16 9:42 AM
Here's another tip -

Refresh your game often. This will bring up the help screen for helping to feed expeditions and also for helping the dragons and other creatures in the mazes. Each maze creature you help will give you 300 coin.

Also - if you're in need of expedition feeding help - if you look and see whose maze creature is showing 22-23 hours to go, that usually means that they are playing the game, and you can in-game email them for help. I've found this works wonderfully. (But I also post on forum for that help. My neighbors are always wonderful about helping.)

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[Post New]by sir_vival on Aug 24, 16 8:59 AM
Ghost Modes

[Posted] by sir_vival on Mar 29, 16 7:48 AM
I was wondering about finishing tasks like i.e.: "Explore the Laboratory in 'Jumbled Words' mode until you find .....".

I thought it happend somehow accidently, to find the item by playing 'Twilight Genies'.

The 'Regular modes' are explained by hoovering a mode under the 'Regular modes' tab.
The 'With Ghost' tab shows only the name of a ghost, when hoovering.

I checked forum and wiki for modes of ghosts without success.

Once you want to explore a location infected by a ghost, there is a small picture of the ghost beneath the green change button (upper left).
Hoovering this picture will tell you, which mode is allocated to this ghost.

Find below the list of ghost modes:
Ghost Octopus - Words
Twilight Genies - Jumbled Words
Ghost (Poltergeist) - Shadows
Marine Queen - Numbers
Octopus - Jumbled Words

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Re:Sharing some tips for the game.

[Post New]by afspam on Nov 11, 16 4:23 AM
This has some very helpful tips, whether you're a newcomer or an oldie!

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[Post New]by sir_vival on Nov 12, 16 5:47 AM
! Important information regarding the assembling of 'Artifacts' and 'Relics' !

Especially beginnners/newbies are trapped by arising windows, stating assemble the 'Artifact'.

Once you start an event - upper right side of your screen, you have to solve different 'Quests'. The 'Tasks' of a 'Quest' appear on the upper left side of your screen.
If a 'Task' is finished take your reward, the next appears - normally 5 each 'Quest' - plus a task, acc. to the charges you need.

As soon as you finished the last 'Task' of a 'Quest' and the needed charges are already in your BP, a window arises, recommending to assemble the 'Artifact'.
! Close this window !

! Never assemble an 'Artifact' this way. This causes an unfinished 'Event' !
The 'Event' doesn't register this kind of assembling.

You have to be tasked to assemble the 'Artifact'

Finishing the last 'Task' of a 'Quest' generates an icon of the last finished 'Task' overlayed by a great yellow question mark, like you have seen finishing the 'Tasks' before.
Click it like usual to get your reward.

If you don't have the needed charges, you will be tasked to find them for assembling the 'Artifact'.
!Now! Click the 3rd entry inside this task - 'Hand Symbol' in a light blue square - you are tasked to assemble the 'Artifact' by clicking at the this icon.

That's the way to succeed.

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[Post New]by Kittypurrrs on Jan 17, 17 5:32 PM
As wonderful as this thread is< I would like to clarify a few things. Firstly, as a few wise ladies told me , play it your way and take advise with a grain of salt.

The ghosts may say that they are a mode (EG: the white poltergeist says jumbled in the domed mode viewer) BUT ... if you are specifically trying to complete a mode , it does not consider it complete if you play through the ghost. (You DO play in jumbled but it will not register) Best to chase away the ghost using a ghost chaser device if you need to be in a certain mode. (For 2 weeks I did the ghost quests so I know this to be true, whether it is a glitch or a game feature)

*Addendum I have the ghosts again in Paris: To test trucker's advice, I played through a twilight ghost as it said Perfume was in jumbled and I needed that. it did not register, but DID at least leave me the jumbled mode next. (Sometimes it skips a mode) It feels more like a bug than a 'feature' to me!

Reminder again that "the" ghost is the white poltergeist ghost when the game asks for specific ghosts and that basement is the dungeon , not the cellar. So freaking confusing, but the game makers are Russian, so...
*addendum: The black cat drop says the basement and it is in the cellar! Look for the item with an exclamation mark to be sure...)

When feeding dragons in the maze, for me they often made the little character run around in circles to feed them. (yes literally the game moved my character several spaces away) If you find that happening to you, wait until they stop jumping and/or aim the cursor at their belly to stop that from happening.

Trucker says wait to be 100 to do the competition challenge, but I have done it since I was level 11 and won often. Yes, I needed to buy 60 pearls that cost 10 crystals once in awhile to get my 10 wins when I was that low but, I had fun. If the challenge is what you are looking for, go for it if you have the pearls. I even beat the Russians well armed with hammers because I can be pretty good at upside down, numbers and memory placement. So if you want to try it, go for it and see for yourself.

I don't try to open a lot of rooms so I can memorize the items before playing the competition, so I am likely far behind where I should be but don't care as I can beat level 600 and more with that strategy.

PS: level 50 when I wrote this, and play to have fun not to level, so trucker's advice is far better for you if you play to level.

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[Post New]by Kittypurrrs on Feb 2, 17 10:55 PM
ENERGY New people, don't forget to check your BACKPACK for energy sources, as the game defaults to showing only your higher ones when displaying what resources you have left. Several times it said I had nothing left and once had 24 energy sodas ... with 30 energy each! GRRRR... it also defaults back to empty once you use a few, so you may have to manually retrieve energy more than once if need be.

How to do it: Click on your backpack, then the energy sources icon (third in, a red can with lightening bolt) and choose which energy source you wish to use. This is especially helpful when you are saving jams for later and also assuring that you only use what you need if you are about to level up.

REFRESH: Having to refresh often for game problems and mail issues (if you reply to mail, do it after your game play) is a pain, but think of it as a way to help others and refresh happily to help with rune maze creatures/dragons and expeditions. To help with more than one dragon expedition (of different kinds, only one of same dragon can be fed at a time) feed the ones that have little time left first.

If you feed and finish a neighbour's dragon, it closes the screen, but feeding a little means each is in a popup on the lower right for you to open and feed more if needed or if you have the food to complete their expedition (and get a little extra reward for being last to feed)

I have had 11 neighbour dragons to feed in one session on a weekend, so give a few thousand to each GOOD neighbour or 10% if you can and THEN go back and be extra generous to those who have been extra generous to you!

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Re:Sharing some tips for the game.

[Post New]by Kittypurrrs on Feb 24, 17 2:51 PM
GIFTING The first page still includes the gifting advice of flints or thorium ore if someone has an open request. That was considered etiquette as the game was new and being over level hundred was a novelty. Now that there are so many players that are well past that (and their millennial numbers too) that has changed.

What has not changed is that each player can play as they wish, and few people can play and level without help from neighbours. Be a good neighbour and they will (should) be good to you. If they are not the neighbours you need, delete them and find some who are. Some players make a guild and neighbours that are one and the same.

Whenever you can, see what each player has on their wish list and give a freebie they really want. When you can't, or when they have an open request, try to give what they might need. Don't be in a rush to give away extra NOT free items to players until you are sure what you need and try not to be greedy in your requests. If someone is generous to you, be sure to pay it back and forward when newer players are added to your neighbourhood.

For an example, and not all agree, here is a list of what artifact charges most players need regularly and are free to give away (Read past hints to find out more on how to gift):

magic dust
energy rocks
null atom
energy of attraction
dark matter
heat of fire
sad dreams
smouldering firestone
coconut tea
energy chocolate

But level 100 and lower may also need thorium or and flints. Whether you wish to give that is up to you. If you need it, and have tried leaving the requests open to get those items, you should request it in neighbour mail if you do not want to purchase those items. As you will soon see it is sometimes contentious, but, your neighbours and your temperament will guide you as to how you wish to play and how YOUR neighbourhood will look/gift.

For some diverse opinions, here are 2 posts from 2017 of players of all levels discussing gifting. (For the most part it is a thoughtful exchange)

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Re:Sharing some tips for the game.

[Post New]by Kittypurrrs on Mar 6, 17 7:14 PM
SHAMROCKS : Doing a lot of creatures for an offer, I found out something interesting. I have perfected this click/drop advice so that the Dryad drops more Lucky Clovers. Being I have gotten 5 this week and 2 in 4 tries one evening and one just now in 3 tries, I can safely say it works to increase your chances.

*With thanks AND credit to Marliza as she gave me the incentive to try different clicks*

Press and HOLD help. Let the Dryad go back and forth and watch carefully how she moves, trying to time the release of the button so that the dryad's wrists are gleaming just as she jerks to look at her wrists and you see the glow start, release. It is not easy, and of course your results will vary as your mouse, devices are not the same as mine, but if you have the time and need to get a Shamrock, please do try it. (Do not waste crystals experimenting, although I did as I was enjoying the challenge and giving shamrocks to lower levels who were better neighbours than some seasoned players.)

**The above hint also gets you more hearts in the neighbours area. Clicking just as a movement begins, or ends, or when the creature looks like their picture can increase drops, dragon food and specials needed for offers.

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