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LEVEL 66 cont.

Henry agrees to help you, but only if you help him first. He looks through his old entries and finds exactly what he needs. “In vampire lore, legend has it that with the Ruler’s Tiara, a vampire can become human. The Ruler’s Tiara must be used in the Mystery Chamber but only at midnight under a full moon.”

Anabel needs to think about what Henry said, and take action all in good time. “I’m tired of being a vampire – it’s so messy! But first, I need to free the Iron Knight."

Like everybody else in the castle, Valeria will help you but only if you help her first. Valeria “can’t tell you all the details of my task. But it’s important to me.” Part of the job is done, and Valeria asks you to pass that data on to the Keeper of the Castle.

The Keeper of the Castle is surprised to see you, “Valeria Steiner sent you? I suppose the task was harder than I thought it would be.” (At least the Keeper has a sense of humor…First he says “I can’t come to you – you’d best come back to me”, then “I’ll just sit here and whistle. Oh, I can’t whistle”, and finally, “Perhaps I’ll try to play the violin! No. That won’t work either.”) The Keeper comes up with an action plan, “I’ll need help to give Valeria Steiner instructions.”


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LEVEL 66 cont.

Valeria Steiner has good news at last; she managed to find a piece of the Chain Breaker. The Word Power is yours at last, and it lights up the runes on the Chain Breaker’s handle.

Henry the Archeologist says if you need help, "let’s meet at the same place." Just remember, “one hand washes the other!” He tells you to search everywhere as “part of the Chain Breaker might be buried.” But all the searching turns up nothing. “When I’m at the end of my rope, I rely on runes and luck. This time luck was on our side!” You find the Silver Weave, the final part of the Chain Breaker.

***The Chain Breaker goes to the Iron Knight in Dark Tower Hall and breaks his chains. The Iron Knight is free!***


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The Iron Knight is so very tired, he wants to help but desperately needs some rest. “Just a couple hours of sleep, and I’ll be good as new.” Then he asks for a favor, “Wake me up when you get back! I lost my alarm clock.” Suddenly, “I just remembered that a stranger mentioned a secret laboratory in the Guest Room.”

Anabel doesn’t know anything about a secret laboratory. “No one tells me anything. I’ve been to this tower, and even to the lab, but I have no memory of it.” Anabel says “Your guess is as good as mine. Let’s just keep looking for the lab! A magic key might help you find the entrance to the laboratory.” ***You get the Alchemic Seal, the key to unlocking the alchemic laboratory***

Henry the Archeologist doesn't sound happy to see you. "You again? You’re looking for something rare, I believe. I’ve never heard of the Alchemic Seal before. I’ll look at my old notes.” Henry hasn’t found anything resembling the Alchemic Seal yet, but “Alchemists often used magic powers to guard their work.” Henry says, “If you help me, it’ll speed up my work.” And sure enough, he finds information about the Alchemic Seal. “Simple as that, I know where to find the Knight of Night. This should be a snap!” The Knight of Night is yours.


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LEVEL 67 cont.

Salty has a high price for helping you find something. “I’m not cheap you know!” He remembers seeing something similar to the Scales of Justice, but where did he put it. You do him a favor while he searches through his chest, then he suddenly remembers. “I found the Scales of Justice, but my monkey stole it. Try to take the Scales of Justice from the monkey. But be careful! He bites.” He also has a sense of humor, “Stay ‘inn’ touch” and “I’ll be ‘inn’ when you return.” But you’re no match for the little thief, and you return with the Scales of Justice. “You have a way with monkeys!”

The Lord Chamberlain is glad you managed the rescue of your friend and is intrigued by your request to search the Tower. While admitting you probably have your reasons, the Chamberlain snaps, “Are you looking for the Philosopher Stone? Do I look like an alchemist? I don’t even know what one looks like.” Frustrated, he says “I confess I was once interested in alchemy, and looked far and wide for the Philosopher Stone.” Finally admitting he has the stone, he reminds you that “one hand should wash the other, yes?” So you help the Chamberlain and he hands you the Philosopher Stone.

Valeria agrees to help you find the secret lab. Is it only a coincidence, “I need to find the lab, too. And I think I know how.” Asking why Valeria needs an alchemy lab, she says “It’s simple – I need the formula for a rare potion. I do some dangerous things, so I can use an invisibility potion. If you keep it a secret, I’ll give you part of the Alchemic Seal.” Valeria believes you won’t tell anyone, so she gives you the Celestial Gold.


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LEVEL 67 cont.

***Alchemic Seal goes to the Guest Room and unlocks the door to the Laboratory***

Arabella is waiting in the laboratory, “Finally! I have so much to tell you!” You explore a little, then Arabella continues…”The person we’ve been looking for is hiding in the next room! I need the Great Book to remove the spell from the door.” She sends you to the Iron Knight in hopes he’s heard something.

The Iron Knight has had some rest and now he’s at your service and ready for battle! The Knight admits “not being much of a reader” but wants to help you. “The stranger who captured me talked a lot about books. I didn’t pay much attention, though. I’m sorry, but I can’t remember anything about the Great Book.”

Arabella was sure the Great Book was somewhere in the Tower, but is she wrong? A book expert would sure come in handy, “someone who knows more about the book than we do.”

The Lord Chamberlain is impressed you made it into the lab and wants to know what you found there. He admits hearing of the Great Book, “Once I held the Great Book in my hands. But now I can only guess where it might be. I think it’s in the Laboratory or in the Throne Hall.”


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Arabella, frustrated by little hope, says everything must be checked. “At least we have a lead. That’s better than nothing.” And right there, in a Desk Drawer in the Laboratory, was the Great Book! It only has 4 keys and should be a breeze to open. Maybe the resident key keeper can help.

Anabel is Keeper of the Keys, but unfortunately, she doesn’t have the ones you need. She only carries the castle keys and assures you that if she” knew where to find the keys to the Great Book, I’d give them to you!” Anabel asks for a closer look at the Great Book to figure out exactly what you need. “These look more like medallions than keys!” Now that she knows what you’re looking for, Anabel suggests splitting up. Then she remembers one of the keys looks like something she saw in one of her childhood portraits and, since it was in the portrait, it must still be around somewhere. Anabel was right…the key was found after searching through her old toy chest.

Henry the Archeologist is excited over his find of a strange box. “It wasn’t easy to open, but I did it. It wasn’t open for long, though. The box closed quickly.” An unexpected find was the second key to the Great Book, but help is needed to pull it from the box. Armed with a couple of crafted items, the box popped open and you grabbed the second key.

The Lord Chamberlain is very haughty, saying “You can’t stay away, can you? What is it you need this time?” Oddly enough, he confesses to missing you. The Chamberlain is willing to give you the third key in exchange for a favor. “Distract the innkeeper, won’t you? He always sticks his nose into my affairs.”


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LEVEL 68 cont.

Salty wonders about your visit, “So you came to listen to my stories? Or is this a business trip?” He wants you to remember “My tavern is always open for you. You’re welcome to rest. But nothing is free.”

The Lord Chamberlain is satisfied how you managed to distract Salty, “I admire your pluck.” He gladly hands you the third key.

The Iron Knight vows to do anything to catch that villain! “My sword is your sword.” His rage is palpable…”You can’t imagine how angry I was to be chained up that way! I want to catch the person who made me suffer.” He insists on getting down to business and finding the fourth key. “I will brandish my sword in your honor.” He can’t explain it, sort of like a sixth sense, but he knows where the fourth key is and presents it to you.

***The Great Book goes to the Laboratory and opens the entrance to the Dark Portal***

Walking through the door you come face to face with the Ghostly Messenger! “I didn’t expect you to find me so quickly. Unfortunately for you, the chase is not over yet! But let’s end on a good note – I left a gift for you in the Ghostly Chest.” The Ghostly Messenger then disappears into the Dark Portal.


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LEVEL 68 cont.

Professor Pinfeathers is livid that the Ghostly Messenger mocks you then escapes again! “He won’t get away with it! Now we know his secret identity!”

Anabel says it’s a piece of cake to unlock the Ghostly Chest. “You must craft the Keys of Fate.” She hands you a blue Destiny Key and says “You’ll need a lot of them to create the Keys of Fate.” Her father told her a story about the Ghostly Chest when she was a little girl. “But I can hardly remember it now.” Perhaps Anabel's father still remembers the legend, so you set off for a visit.

Henry the Archeologist says the legend of the Ghostly Chest “is as old as time, so the details are sketchy.” He tells you the Keys of Fate open the Ghostly Chest, which you already knew, then “How lucky you are! You are the Chosen One who will open the chest.” Fate is giving you the rare opportunity to change the world! “No one but the Chosen One will discover what Fate has in store for them.”


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Henry reminds you that only you can save the world, and “Every time you help someone, you’ll get a Destiny Key. The Ghostly Chest makes it possible.” Remember this, “the castle and its residents depend on you!”

Anabel says if the only way to gain a Destiny Key is to help someone, then help her. And while you’re at it, maybe you could lend a hand to the Iron Knight.

The Iron Knight doesn’t understand why catching an evildoer has to be so complicated. But eventually it sinks in, “Now I get it! If you help me, you’ll get the keys to stop that villain.” Suddenly, the Knight realizes his father has disappeared without a trace! “I must find him! I don’t know where my father could have disappeared to!”

Anabel is confident that “Soon we’ll learn what the Ghostly Chest contains!” She’s very excited over the items you bring her, believing they will make her dreams come true. “I don’t want to be a vampire! I want to be an ordinary girl. I’ll use the Mystery Chamber when the time is right.”


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LEVEL 69 cont.

The Lord Chamberlain cautions you about being in a hurry to open the Ghostly Chest. “I’ve lived a long life, you see. I’ve been in and out of traps – so take my advice, and think before you act. I’m not trying to stop you. I just want you to know this might be a trap.” The Chamberlain does have a suspicious nature, but “I may overestimate the power of the Ghostly Messenger, but best to be cautious. Opening the Chest might influence more than just you.” Maybe Valeria and Salty can help.

Valeria is surprised you’re asking her opinion. “It’s rare that anyone asks for my advice, but I’m happy to offer it! You have to decide. All I can do is tell you what I’d do in your place.” Valeria is very self-aware, “I have to think about my own fate, of course. I don’t want to be a ghost again! It’s so lonely.” But in the end, “I’d like to catch the Ghostly Messenger. He could do a lot of harm. If the Ghostly Chest helps you catch that villain, use it!” But she reminds you, “That’s what I’d do anyway. I can’t decide for you.”


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LEVEL 69 cont.

Salty is very excited over the rumors you found treasure. He can’t wait to check out the goods. “Rumors are not trustworthy. But this time, I think they’re accurate.” Many people, including Salty himself, tried to get the treasure in the Ghostly Chest and failed. “No matter how much you take from the Ghostly Chest, it still has more! The Chest is bottomless!” Salty has a brief melancholic moment, “I wish I were you. I wouldn’t have to stick around the inn forever.” But snaps out of it pretty quickly, “Go for it! Go on, open the Chest! I’m sure you’ll find something special.”

The Lord Chamberlain “never doubted it would turn out this way.” It seems that everyone is in agreement about opening the Ghostly Chest. “Be careful, the Ghostly Messenger might trick you into a trap!” The Chamberlain reminds you how many supportive friends you have, including him. “Keep in mind that I’m on your side.”

***Unlock Ghostly Chest and get the Portal Activator***

The Portal Activator is the key to the Dark Portal. Once it’s charged with magic, it will open the Portal.


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LEVEL 69 cont.

Arabella has the Focus Force for the Portal Activator, but it needs a magical charge to be of any use. “Filling this crystal with magical energy should be easy!” Arabella feels something is wrong, as though someone is watching her. There seems to be obstacles in the way of her performing the ritual.

The Keeper of the Castle seems most disagreeable, “What happened? What does Arabella want from me? How did I rattle her cage?” Realizing the situation, the Keeper says “Oh yes. It’s probably that banning-magic-in-the-castle thing. I’d forgotten about that.” Not wishing to stand in your way if you really need magic, the Keeper stops the ghost from casting spells. “It was my pleasure to help a fellow soul.”

Arabella is pleased the Keeper of the Castle removed those obstacles in her way and now she can proceed. You help her find a couple of rare ingredients and the ritual is complete. “The crystal has evolved! Take it now, quickly.”


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***Portal Activator is fully charged with magic and opens the Portal to the Harbor***

A man introduces himself as the Lighthouse Keeper and wonders what brings you to the harbor. “Are you looking for the man in dark clothing? Yes, I saw him.” Once again, you’re a step behind the Ghostly Messenger. “A ship sailed away just before you arrived – the man you seek was aboard that ship.” The Lighthouse Keeper says it’s possible to catch up to the Ghostly Messenger, but you’ll need a ship yourself. “If you need a good ship, talk to the schooner captain at the pier.”

Skull Pete can’t believe he’s making your acquaintance again. “What luck! I didn’t expect to see you again!” Pete went from being stuck in Mirror Lake to being stuck at the Harbor, “Come talk to me! I’m an old salt, but I could use a little spice in my life.” You fill him in on the details of what you need, “Catch up with the ship? Of course! Finally a good business deal beyond rum bottle collection!” One small detail threatens to squash your hopes of tracking the Ghostly Messenger, “Before we set sail, we’d better repair the lighthouse.” Pete suggests talking “to that old man at the port” and says “It was a pleasure to talk to you, old friend!”


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LEVEL 70 cont.

The Lighthouse Keeper seems busy and this may be an inopportune time to talk, but it’s very important. “Your question about the lighthouse bothers me – it all happened so quickly! Come to think of it, I found it suspicious that the Ghostly Messenger’s ship sailed away right then…” Filling in the Lighthouse Keeper on the character of the Ghostly Messenger, “I suspect he is the one who broke the lighthouse.” The Lighthouse Keeper insists on getting right down to the business of restoring the lighthouse, but he can’t do it alone. He gives you the Lighthouse Heart and says “It would be better if you were the one to start the restoration.

Skull Pete says this time it’s personal and “I’m interested in repairing the lighthouse – I can’t stay in this port forever!” Pete explains that his boatswain disappeared with the key to the hold and asks if you’d help open the hold of his ship. To thank you for all your help, Pete says “The hold is packed to capacity. You’ll surely find something.” When your search comes up empty, Pete says “Well, you’ve only searched half of the hold. I want to help, but you must tell me what are you searching for?” Finally, there’s only one place left where something useful could be and that’s where you find the Dawn’s Ray. Pete says he knew it would be there!

Arabella thinks “Fireflies could help you shine a light on things. I hear some have been seen in the Underground Grotto.” After tirelessly searching for the fireflies, Arabella thinks she can spur you on by telling you to look harder. Arabella says if only you believe, you’ll get what you want. Trusting her, you find the Moon Firefly in the Astral Lamp.


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LEVEL 70 cont.

Salty feels your relationship is “reliable” and “you’re as constant as the sun rising in the east!” Salty loves nature and the “forest glades are always inspiring, but I would rather be here at the inn.” He understands that you are very “goal-oriented” and all your efforts are finally rewarded with the Edge of Dusk from the Forest Lantern.

The Lord Chamberlain says you’ve made a wise choice, “You’ve gone to see the others, but returned to consult me. Wise! Success shall always be your companion.” All your research is for a good cause, and “if you decide to repair more than the lighthouse, I have enough secrets in my head to help you!” Ever the philosopher, “Each year lived brings wisdom. I’ll be glad to share it.” Trying out his comedic side, the Chamberlain gives you the Magnifying Prism and says “Well, do I have an eye for lighthouses or what?”

***The Lighthouse Heart lights up the Lighthouse***

Skull Pete is glad the lighthouse is finally repaired, “but my crew is too small for a far voyage.” He wonders if the residents of Midnight Castle are team players and would volunteer for his ship’s voyage. Find out, and “hurry back with good news!”


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LEVEL 70 cont.

Salty can’t believe you’re back so soon after fixing the lighthouse. Telling him Skull Pete is asking for crew volunteers, he says “Me? On the crew? You must be joking!” Salty ponders the idea “of the career of a sea dog.” But Salty being Salty, wants to know what position you can offer him. “I’d agree to no less than a boatswain. But I haven’t decided yet.” He reminds you that payment comes first in the world of commerce, then unceremoniously turns you down. “Thank you, but I can’t join you. My place is here.”

The Iron Knight says his noble intentions weren’t enough and “I can’t help feeling that I could have done more to find that scoundrel!” He offers to keep an eye on the lighthouse while you look for the Ghostly Messenger and is pleasantly surprised by your offer. “Do my ears fail me, or do you really need a ship crew? Who wouldn’t like to be a sea wolf? Even werewolves would!” It takes the Knight’s breath away to have his childhood dreams come true. “It sounds exciting…Chasing the Ghostly Messenger across the sea! We’ll track down that villain!” As a final thought, he asks “Do I need to sign anything?”


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Skull Pete is very pleased so far, “You’re pretty good at persuading people.” But one volunteer isn’t enough, there has to be more.

The Lord Chamberlain also can’t believe you’re back so soon and “You want to know what I think of sea voyages?” The Chamberlain always keeps his emotions close to the vest, but “I will say that the pursuit of the Ghostly Messenger will be dangerous. Do I want to risk putting myself in such danger?” You tried to convince the Chamberlain to join the sea-faring crew then waited patiently for his decision. “I weighed everything carefully, and in the end, sea travels are not for me. I’m still on your side, though.”

Henry the Archeologist has more of a practical approach to your quest for volunteers for the ship’s crew. He’ll join, but only if you do something for him first. But in the end, Henry says “I’m hungry for new adventures! Let’s finish what we started!” Henry feverishly looks for his valuable diary notes hoping that “Do you think we’ll have the time for an archeological search while we’re looking for the Ghostly Messenger? I guess we’ll be able to search for wrecked ships when the sea is calm.” Henry wonders if he should stay or go. “I’ve learned I have a chance to go to the north to explore an ancient civilization. I’m torn.” Weighing everything, Henry has decided, “I’ve already given you my word. The ancient civilization has waited this long – it can wait a little bit longer.


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LEVEL 71 cont.

Skull Pete is happy the number of volunteers has doubled, “but that only brings us to two. We won’t get far this way.” Last but not least, “They say a woman is bad luck, but this is nonsense. Surely we’ve grown beyond such tales!”

Anabel has the austere attitude of a schoolmaster these days. She’s very busy, so busy she doesn’t even have time to eat. You ask her about joining the crew, which she says she’ll consider, but she strings you along, asking for more and more help. “Thank you for taking some of the load off my shoulders. If you help me with one more thing, I might be able to sail with you.” Then when you’re run ragged, she yanks the rug out, “Sadly, you’ll have to sail without me.”

Valeria Steiner is curious and wants to know if she’s “the last one on the list of volunteers for the crew?” She also wants to know if Jeronimo agreed to sail with you. “Jeronimo’s refusal to sail is sad for me, but I understand that you need people.” Taking a little jab at Salty, Valeria says “I could stay on the land like a scared rat, but I get the greater good!” Some of her old fears come roaring back, “It’s not that I don’t support the pursuit of the Ghostly Messenger – it’s that I’m afraid of becoming a ghost again. There may be danger, but I must be brave.” Finally, Valeria gives you her final response, “My doubts have almost disappeared. Tell the rest of the team – I’m going with you!”


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LEVEL 71 cont.

Skull Pete is satisfied that the crew is complete, but while you were looking for volunteers, the Ocean Guide disappeared.

The Lord Chamberlain is surprised you haven’t sailed yet until he’s told about the lost Ocean Guide. “I can’t find the guide, but I can find the instructions where to look for it.” Upon reflection, the Chamberlain says “I’d like to be an all-knowing wise man, but such is not my fate.” Others will help you open the Ghostly Chest, and therein lies the broken Ocean Guide. “The Ocean Guide may be broken, but I think I know where you can find an important part to fix it.

Anabel denies her and Valeria are female rivals, “Is it true that Valeria Steiner agreed to go with you in pursuit of the Messenger? How brave – but I can be equally useful!” Anabel thinks she saw a glass piece similar to the Ocean Guide part you seek, but if you don’t find it, she’ll try to come up with more ideas. After stopping and thinking for a moment, Anabel remembers the part was with her all along! “Wait, is this the thing you’re looking for? So much on my mind lately!” (Shiny Lens)


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LEVEL 71 cont.

The Lighthouse Keeper can’t thank you enough for restoring the lighthouse. “It means a lot to me.” He apologizes for talking so much, but he’s just so happy for company. The Lighthouse Keeper prides himself on being a “jack-of-all-trades” and believes he can help repair the Ocean Guide, even though it’s most complicated. “I could give you all the parts and tools you’ll need for the repair, but I fear you’re not looking for that.” He once again extends his gratitude and calls you friend, saying “Well, it was interesting to have you here, at least. Good luck!”

Skull Pete suspects the Ocean Guide was stolen by his old boatswain before Pete fired him. “Sometimes it’s good to hire the same crew to make sure they don’t leave with everything!” While the weather holds, the search must continue for the parts to the guide. “What luck! The storm didn’t come.” More problems, “It looks like we’re short on supplies! Go get more, and I’ll help you with the guide.” Pete is very happy with your results, “It usually takes weeks for me to get this amount of supplies! You’ve got a knack!" And he gives you a part for the Ocean Guide. (Digital Detector)

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