Some strategy suggestions to help you win

[Post New]by mjkittredge on May 16, 11 11:47 PM
I've noticed some people commenting they struggled with this game, so I'm going to post some of my strategies that i used to succeed, and would be happy to see other peoples too.

1. Pick the best spot. Where you start building towers is very important. As you upgrade them and spend experience to improve them, their range will increase. What I like to do is find spots where the path curves or bunches up so I can get the most "coverage" with the towers fire - meaning the tower will get more shots against each opponent. Anywhere there is a U shape or C shape, stick towers in there, near the road at first. Also if there is a very thin part in between 2 parts of road, the tower can fire at them on the first approach, then again as they circle around.

2. Clump. Putting towers closer to each other means they can support one another, which is key once you get ice towers. The ice towers slow things down, giving that bunch of towers more time to fire more shots and finish off monsters. They can only hold them for so long though before they get out of range. So stacking towers nearby means you get the most out of them. I like to put several ice towers along with my main tower group location. Because they can only hit one monster at a time, and the slow lasts a few seconds after each hit. The AI for the towers is smart and will switch targets to the monster that gets further ahead. Having several nearby means that a large group of tough monsters can be held up in place for your other towers to blast to pieces. Once they get out of range of one tower, there will be another ice tower further along to slow them again.

3. Upgrade magic. You get very large bonuses from upgrading these, Ice (5 levels, increases slowing power greatly), Fire (6 levels, increases fire tower damage greatly, final upgrade gives air defense towers fire damage) Poison (5 levels, increases damage of bio towers tremendously).

4. Fire towers right at monster entry point. These towers are brilliant, and quite cheap. You put them on the path the monsters walk along. As they walk through the fire, every second they take the damage listed in red. This does not work on flying monsters though. That's alright though, I'd guess over 60% of the monsters you'll face are land walking - and normally the first several waves have no flying monsters. The brilliance of fire towers is that fully upgraded, a single one can destroy almost every walking monster on almost every wave. Not until the second half of the


Re:Some strategy suggestions to help you win

[Post New]by mjkittredge on May 17, 11 12:14 AM
(continued) waves, or even the very last few, can walking monsters survive the fire. Watch at what point the fire wears off and put down another fire tower so they'll continue to burn. Works great against bosses too!

5. Always be ready for flyers. You don't know when they are coming out, so have a fully upgraded air defense tower ready (or two) along with ice towers.

6. Beware multiple bosses on the same wave. These can be a doozy and really surprise people. They have a ton of HP, armor, move really fast. 1 is bad enough. 2, (or later3!) is a major challenge. Fully upgraded ice towers are your best defense against them, gives your other towers enough time to do a lot of damage.

7. Have a second tower group further along. For whatever gets through, have a couple towers in key spots towards the middle or near the end of the road. Every now and then, even a fully upgraded tower cluster will fail against an especially tough wave or super fast boss. Once you see they will get through, start upgrading the second set of towers. Even a level 1 ice tower along the road in between can buy you time to get 2 or 3 upgrades done before the monster reaches the second set of towers.

8. Don't hoard money. It's good to keep a bit in reserve for whatever surprises come up, but overall keep upgrading your towers regularly and adding a new one or two every now and then.

9. Upgrade. Towers are nearly useless when you first place them, so upgrade them right away, even if it's only once or twice. You get a large increase in range, damage and speed.

10. Experience upgrades. Keep an eye on your experience and have a plan as to what you want to upgrade and in what order. I highly recommend getting ice magic a few levels first. I find the gold income upgrade to be pitiful, about 4 extra gold after each wave for every level you increase it. Not worth it considering how powerful the other upgrades are. Fire magic should be another high priority, along with attack speed, range and damage. Poison is helpful, but I did fine taking it last.


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[Post New]by Cooterfd on Jun 10, 11 4:13 PM
I get the magic upgrade screen after level 2, but cant find it after that. Am I missing something. I get tons of magic money, and cant spend it.

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Re:Some strategy suggestions to help you win

[Post New]by zbox12 on Oct 18, 11 3:11 PM
Cooterfd, There is a box in the middle of the bottom of your screen. Click on the plus sign and that allows you to spend you experience points. You can do this at any time and it pauses the game.

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