[Post New]by pawestiegirl on May 18, 11 6:52 PM
This is more about how much to cram in a room and coming up with the design that the game developer had in mind than actually decorating a room. Tall furniture is in front of windows, large furniture is in front of small furniture, or furniture is so crammed together, no one would be able to move around the room! The Home Sweet Home games are created so much better! Bring back more of those, and let these "cram the stuff in the box" games die! I'm sorry I spent my money on this one!



[Post New]by LuthienRose on Jun 29, 14 5:59 PM
I agree. I bought this game about a month ago and I can't get beyond the monster's house in the first area. I bought it because my son was having so much fun watching me play it and now I really regret putting out $10 for this game. So not worth it at all.

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