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The Prince

[Post New]by yve501 on May 20, 11 10:12 AM
I do have one question for the delvelopers of this game tho... why does Prince Adam look so incerdiably stuck up and weird looking surely Princess Isabella could have done a lot better than him. As a prince I think he has to go maybe have him die and Princess Isabella (the mom) can remarry a dark eyed, dark haired guy thats more humble and more down to earth.

I hope you don't mind you moving your comment here, but I totallty agree with you. What a gimp.
If the Prince is to be included in the next game perhaps we could start a purely frivolous thread to tell the developers what we would like him to look like.

I like blond but how about tall, thin and handsome, with a sense of humour. That would be a start

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Re:The Prince

[Post New]by tofinofish on May 20, 11 10:20 AM
Absolutely a sense of humour a look of intellingence, and maybe make him with a bit of mysterious background. I agree with you "gimp" is exactly the word that discribes the current Prince.

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