[Post New]by baybgoo120 on May 20, 11 12:57 PM
Is there any way to fix not getting the trophies in which you should be earning? I have a bunch that I know I should be getting and haven't gotten them - makes me a little frustrated! Any help would be wonderful!

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[Post New]by Hispagirl on Aug 26, 11 6:30 AM
I have been able to get all but four. The ones for the amounts (to earn) and the ones about the loading machines with firewoods. Obviously there are some collecting awards that you will get eventually and have to play the game several times like play the whole timed game and then play the whole relaxed game and you will gather all the collection awards.

Obviously the ones on the night you have to time perfectly and the ones about gathering 10 animal products you have to pretty much gather 4 wool and four peacock feathers have the lady wait and get the husband to take off one or two of the wool or feathers (when he is fully capable to do all tasks and the tasks asks for wool and or feathers to be collected) then have her get two or three more peacocks or lambs and collect their wool or feather and so you get that award.

I am having difficulties with the other four even though I should be getting them. I suggest to start another game from scratch that is what I did and I was able to get those that I had problems with but then I am still stuck with the other four.

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