At the docks

[Post New]by ScienceLady on May 20, 11 5:05 PM
HELP!! I am at the dock and have found all of the clues, but I can't get the key out of the light.


Re: At the docks

[Post New]by RockTheWorld245 on Jul 27, 12 6:28 PM
Tricky, right? After you hear about the Docks using the Digital Decrypter, find all the hidden objects, and do this: after you use the binoculars on the light, click on the rope that's pictured to the left of the water and use the hand icon on it. Click again and find that it's a slingshot. This'll come in handy! Pair the pawprints with the netting on the left-most part of the screen, and it'll show a circular picture of fish heads. With the circle still highlighted, click on the spot where the slingshot is and pair them together. Now you have a fish-filled slingshot (yuck)! Take the slingshot picture and then click on the lamp. The lamp's glass should now shatter, and you'll see a picture of a redish-orange key, and Nancy will say it's hot. Should you need more help, create a new discussion. Hope this was helpful and not (too) confusing.

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