[Post New]by kimccccc on May 20, 11 10:47 PM
So I have been playing this game and Ive done everything like i won the cooking contest now its telling me i have to collect all the pieces but there no where to be found and also the last totem on the hill by the palm tree i cant get to open, and i have tried to put the builder by the tree so someone help!



[Post New]by darlingniki on Jun 29, 11 4:56 PM
If by 'pieces' you are referring to the special collection items (shells, butterflies, etc.) you can complete the game with out collecting all of them-it doesn't come up as a task to complete.
The worker will knock down the palm tree after you have bought the telescope and checked the 'technopoints' earned for it (the tree is just to the left of the totems, an exclamation point should come up when you put the worker in front of it-make sure you have the right tree). Once the worker knocks down the tree you have to have a 'scientist' get the totem- sometimes you have to keep putting them on the totem, even if you line up with the exclamation point that appears, it can take a few tries before it works.
If you've done/tried all that and it's still not working it sounds like there might be something wrong with your version of the game. Have you checked the technical issues discussion thread?
You might have success after you have uninstalled then re-install the game and create a new profile.
Hope that helps.

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