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[Post New]by debra1955 on May 22, 11 4:41 AM
It's taken me about a week but I finally finished this game! I can give you a couple of tips that may help those of you that are struggling. 1- Make sure you put something on the manequine. You get extra points if someone orders something on the manequine. 2 - color match whenever possible 3- serve the impatient customers first 4- use the bottled water to keep customers from leaving 5 - buy the accessories as soon as you can. Purchasing shoes and sunglasses make some of the customers very happy. 6 - if you get overwhelmed with the number of fabrics and color choices don't use all the mirrors. Use a couple and get those customers done and go on to the next. If you get too many customers leaving you will be left with a lot of clothes you can't use and trashing them takes away points.

Good Luck!


Re:Finished the Game

[Post New]by Lorrie28 on May 19, 12 4:48 AM
Do you have any pointers for level 9? I've tried all those tips and I still can't seem to get the points no matter what I do. Thanks!

Never mind, I finished it. The mannequin and drinks are definitely your best friend, because they give bonuses and keep the hearts for the customers. It was really challenging!

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