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solution for widescreen play

[Post New]by mystine on May 23, 11 1:14 PM
I've seen some posts where people are saying they can't play the game in widescreen. I have windows 7, and I used to have this issue with some games regardless of the settings option in the game. I had to change my screen res to 1024 X 768...and you prob have to restart to get this to change. Also sometimes after several days it may go back to the default resolution. If this happens just change it again and re boot. In other areas of the computer things may look a little stretched out, but for the games they should be in full screen. Hope this helps!

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Re:solution for widescreen play

[Post New]by lovetoocraft on May 26, 11 7:40 PM
On this computer, I am not able to play widescreen in any of the games. I tried your suggestion and it made everything on the screen smaller. Even the wallpaper had thick black stripes on each side, so I had to go back to the default setting which on this computer is 1366x768.

We tried. Thanks for the suggestion though.

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