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Is There A Way To Increase Play TIme?

[Post New]by Yaelle on May 26, 11 8:04 AM
What I mean is, is there another gameplay mode or anything? I also cannot tell one thing: Some of the houses seem to be gold (or at least yellow) and some of them arent. I was thinking that maybe I beat the level faster than the allotted time or something, but now I'm not so sure because a. I dont see any times and b. when I do finish levels quicker than what I THINK I had finished them in before, nothing seems to happen & there's no acknowledgement that I did that.
I think...?
Sooo are some houses gold and some brown just for shiggles or is there something to it? I wish that there was a clock or something. I kind of like this game, I keep going back to it but I Very Strongly feel like something is missing. Like either there should be more levels, or some kind of challenge, or an expert mode or whatever other games do. And about that "something missing" comment, I also would like some sort of indication of how well or bad i did. I see the scores at the end but theyre not really doing it for me.
I hope someone gets what I mean. Right now I sort of feel like I went to IHOP & had a salad. Like, I ate, and the salad was kinda satiating but I got no pancakes or dessert LOL.

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