But seriously?

[Post New]by Cabbagepatcher on Dec 25, 08 5:23 AM
It's a good thing we're all different and all like different things. Obviously there is a market for these, but it sure as heck isn't me. I hadn't played an HSH before and I don't think anything could induce me to continue with this game after trying it for half an hour. Sorry BFG, and all you HSH fans, but this truly is mind-numbing. "There's not enough Christmas cheer in the room." Bah humbug!

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Re:But seriously?

[Post New]by Lisa522 on Jul 17, 10 8:45 AM
I had never played a HSH game before either but I also found it mind-numbingly boring. I actually enjoyed the Christmas aspects of it but the designing a room, yawn!

I think there is a definite market of people who will enjoy this game and I don't think it's made poorly or anything like that, it's just not something I enjoy doing.

If I had to grade this game (assuming I was the type of person who would enjoy this type of thing), I would give it just for all the options and various things you're going for and/or ability to earn bonuses/score points, etc.

For me, I uninstalled the demo in 15 minutes and was happy it was over.

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Re:But seriously?

[Post New]by Pangaeus on Dec 31, 12 6:10 PM
i love this type of interior design game and wish there was more like it!

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