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What's beze? Thanks.

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[Post New]by FORTUNATUS on Jan 30, 12 1:45 PM
Beze cookies are the Russian name for meringue cookies.

Meringue cookies, (in case you don't know) are made mainly from whipped egg white and sugar and sqeezed from a pastry bag or pastry tool and baked. They are YUMMY!!!!

Side note: I used to make them into mushroom shapes at Christmas time (stem and top held together with melted chocolate and sprinkled with powdered cocoa to look like speckled mushrooms) and would place them around the "yule log cake" (chocolate jelly roll filled with whipped cream and iced with chocolate frosting to look like a tree log). Double yum. The meringues are low fat and low cholesteral since no butter, etc in them. (the yule log, on the other hand, well, fattening but delicious) I'm not Russian, but I certainly love Beze!!!

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[Post New]by Judi_chan on Mar 24, 12 12:57 PM
I'm wondering about this...I bought my first copy of this game from the other guys (since I can't say their name; it repeatedly froze in the French restaurant and had to close it...So, I bought BFG's version...having different problems...
um...why am I posting here? Because in the first game version, those 'beze' things were called marshmellows! So when I got this version I didn't know what was meant by beze :-D I used a hint but now I'm wondering--was the 'marshmellow' version an earlier or a later version than this one with the beze? Any one know?

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