last green stone

[Post New]by dreadgirl4360 on May 28, 11 1:35 AM
i cant fine the last green stone?

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last green stone

[Post New]by Kelvarda on May 28, 11 2:57 AM
dreadgirl4360 wrote:i cant fine the last green stone?

Hi there dreadgirl

Here is a SPOILER list of where they all are: You will need to put your cursor next to the icon, hold down the left mouse button and then drag all the way across and down the blank area, you will then see the hidden text.

The Plant in the Back room at the Apothecary (water it)
The Vines in the Rafters at the Apothecary (water)
The Tree in the village outside the Apothecary (watre)
The Plant in the middle of Skull Road (water)
The Flower on the side of Troll Bridge (water)
Here's one you'll have bother with: The little campfire at the base of Rapunzels Tower, water it to put it out, but you may have to try quite a few times, just moving your cursor slightly every time.
The Plant on Rapunzels Fireplace - Water
And the big round window at the Dwarves House (break them both)


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