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Level 5-11 no gold star

[Post New]by jewel47 on May 28, 11 5:47 AM
I played the whole game and got to the level which is 5-11. I didn't get expert the first time I played it. So i played it a couple more times then on my 3rd try I got expert. But when I finish the game and go back to map, icon for 5-11 is still blue it doesn't recognise my expert status. I scroll over the level info and only lists the score for the first time I played the game, not my recent completion of expert.

So I played the level again and once again got expert. Still the icon is blue, no gold star and no recognition of my expert score. Must be a glitch some where. It sucks that it show gold on every level except the last even though I got expert on that level as well.


Re:Level 5-11 no gold star

[Post New]by Marinersfan04 on May 28, 11 6:42 AM
That is a drag. I just wish I could beat this level. I"ve replayed it over and over, each time buying a different upgrade, still can't beat it. The closest I've come is $13 to the goal.

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