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level 26

[Post New]by tm501 on May 29, 11 10:29 PM
Can you all tell me how you got past this level? I built 3 casinos but only 1 ended up with more than 500 guests. Where should I out the other ones? Are there certain upgrades I should make sure I have first?

Thank you

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Re:level 26

[Post New]by pfalcioni on Jun 1, 11 5:22 PM
I agree, I am completely stuck on this one!

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Re:level 26

[Post New]by NikkiBikki on Jun 2, 11 12:07 AM
Here is what I did

Museum - Royal Hotel - RH - RH - RH - Factory
RH - Casino - Wedding Chapel (upgraded) - RH - Casino - RH
RH - RH - RH - RH - RH - RH

You will need to upgrade the customer numbers on all hotels, I think I also upgraded all hotels to level 3
You can use the Museum upgrade/bonus that gives you 50% more guests when clicked, so once you have all the hotels built & upgraded click on that and it should give you enough guests

I did not get expert on this, in fact only got casual, so there may be a faster way but was just glad to get past the level as drove me crazy

Hope this helps


Re:level 26

[Post New]by sj_jackson on Jun 2, 11 3:39 PM
Any idea how to get through it if you don't have the Museum upgrade?

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