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Golden Lily

[Post New]by Heartisan on May 30, 11 3:07 AM
I need make the potion for the woman at the portal but it isn't in my inventory. I went back to where the walkthrough (from the blog here) says it is but it isn't there. I don't remember specifically picking it up, I just picked up everything I saw there so, it either wasn't there or it disappeared from my inventory.

Has anyone else had this problem? Or is the lily in a place other than outside thee fromt door to the house like the walkthrough says?

Thanks in advance,

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Re:Golden Lily

[Post New]by rhonayotte on May 30, 11 8:05 PM
Are you sure it's not in your inventory? When the inventory bar is full, you will see arrows on the left and right. If the arrows are there, click on them to scroll thru your inventory.

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