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Story questions/comments (Spoilers, obviously)

[Post New]by Tikatoy on May 31, 11 9:31 AM
1) Did the stranger who came looking for the money end up shooting himself in the head because he was driven crazy by the hotel owner/bank robber?

2) I was suspecting throughout the game that the protagonist was dead as well because he/she could see the ghosts and wasn't able to take the road to the highway without passing out and being taken back to the hotel. But at the end he/she seems to be on the way to safety... but then a vision starts. During the game, one of the ghosts does explicitly suggest that the protagonist didn't survive the car accident. Do you think he/she is dead or alive?

3) The cut scene when you call 911 for help is awesomely creepy, like something out of the original Nightmare on Elm Street.

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