Aisling blesses us but spirit doesn't increase

[Post New]by FiveN5 on Dec 26, 08 10:29 AM
We have played to this place twice: we are at the point where we free Aisling, we go to Aisling's home and then she blesses us, but Iy'as spirit doesn't increase. (The fourth "spirit button" remains grayed out on her Profile. The other spirit buttons are colered in, except compassion.) When we get toward the end of the game and we want to fight the Snow Queen, it states that we can't proceed without all the blessings (except compassion).

The first time we played, Iya was not an active player when the Hope blessing was granted. Then we restarted an earlier saved game and played through to get the blessing the second time - with Iya as an active player.

How do we get Aisling's Hope blessing to register for Iya?

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Re:Aisling blesses us but spirit doesn't increase

[Post New]by Heimdall on Feb 23, 09 11:23 AM
Usually, that works. I must ask you first, did you receive the Love blessing? (even if Iya still has the love blessing)

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