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level 28

[Post New]by momnmejft on Jun 1, 11 6:53 PM
Help! I have clocked along and love this game until level 28. Just don't get it. Can't see how I am going to raise all the $ w just a few empty spots. Please LMK your secret if you have passed this level.

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Re:level 28

[Post New]by NikkiBikki on Jun 1, 11 11:41 PM
Start by building a Royal Hotel on one of the empty slots (you will need to purchase another worker and 500 more materials) then sell it, then buy more materials and build another Royal Hotel then sell that, then you can demolish the other hotel that was already built and build another Royal Hotel and then sell that as well.

I also built a factory at this point as well once I was able to buy the other empty space.

Once you have built and sold three Royal Hotels you should have enough money to start buying other hotels, including the old hotel.

Hope this helps


Re:level 28

[Post New]by meditate2live on Jun 8, 11 9:59 PM
Buy a worker and 500 materials.
Build and sell a royal.
Demo the family hotel you own. Buy materials. Build and sell a royal.
Buy the lot, buy materials, and build and sell a royal.
Buy 1000 materials and build a construction mill on the empty lot you own.
Buy the family hotel, buy 2500 materials and a worker and build a real estate building.
Click the discount button and buy all buildings that have a negative income modifier for a discounted rate.
Demo the real estate building and sell the 2 royals you bought at a discount.
Buy 4 workers, 10,000 materials and the old hotel lot.
Build the old hotel.
Buy max materials, demo all family hotels and holiday hotel.
Buy 2 workers and build royals (you'll need to continue to buy materials of course).
Demo all resorts you bought and build royals. Buy the last resort remaining.
Upgrade fast all royals. Upgrade the income as well as upgrade them to 3 stars.
I finished master in 8:03.
Good luck!


Re:level 28

[Post New]by mildaplotkin on Jul 6, 11 5:00 AM
Did anybody out there get expert on this one? Help! I've managed to get expert on all levels and have been stuck on this one FOREVER. I can get to 8:10 but 7:30 seems impossible. I tried the tips already mentioned in this forum, and can't seem to get close.


Re:level 28

[Post New]by mildaplotkin on Jul 6, 11 6:09 PM
OK, I finally got gold, in 7:11. This won't be a complete walkthrough, since I don't remember everything I did, but here's what I remember:

- Bought one worker and 500 materials while tearing down the family hotel in the lower right corner.

- Built a royal hotel in that spot and sold it.

- Next, bought 5000 materials and built a factory in the -90% spot right above the old hotel ruins. Bought 5 workers (to get to 12). Built a real estate agency in the -70% lot.

- Bought the empty lot in the upper right hand corner, built and sold a royal, using the real estate agengy selling price boost.

- Used the real estate sale boost, and bought the old hotel lot. Bought 5 more workers. Stock piled materials, and built the old hotel.

- The rest is a little fuzzy - I started buying properties as they went on sale. I ended up destroying two, and building both a chapel and casino right above the old hotel. I upgraded both, and made sure to click on their "Double Income" buttons around 7:00. I built and partially upgraded two royals, and a handful of other properties. I was just clicking like mad trying to upgrade/buy things. I think the key was to not focus on buying and selling the negative % properties, and to build both the chapel and casino next to the old hotel.

What a hard level, this game rocks!

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