Too many gliches

[Post New]by Alienmom on Jun 2, 11 10:19 AM
Dont waste your money or credits on this game!!! Big Fish should give everyone who bought this game a chance for a refund. So many technical glitches you cant finish this game unless you are willing to follow a walkthrough, PRECISELY, from start to finish. if you do one thing "out of order" you will have to reinstall or at the least start over under a new name within the game itself. Hope this little note saves someone else $10! I do know if you were to call Big Fish and let them know they may give you a credit. Ive done it before with another unplayable game and they were understanding and allowed me to get a new game with a credit. Seemed fair and thats why I am still here!

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Re:Too many gliches

[Post New]by LynFrank on Jun 24, 11 4:34 PM
I don't know about too many glitches, but there were far too many mistakes. Different pictures of things to their description, bad spelling mistakes and other things. I managed to work out what was needed and was able to finish, but it was not pleasurable. The hidden objects were far too well hidden and only able to find with MUCH button pushing. At least I was not penalised for hitting the button so much.

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