How do you kill the "Boss"?

[Post New]by vlacen0828 on Jun 4, 11 7:59 AM
I want to know how do I kill the boss on the last part.

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Re:How do you kill the "Boss"?

[Post New]by NULL on Jun 24, 11 5:45 PM
You have to consistantly hit him with fired shots while not staying in his fire range too long or he will kill you. you will see blood spurts from your shots indicating that you are hitting him.


Re:How do you kill the "Boss"?

[Post New]by tannimdragons on Jul 5, 11 2:40 AM
The boss is a complete joke if you use the flame thrower. Just load up the ammo and shoot him after dealing with the rest of the original enemies around him.

The flame thrower slows him down to pretty much nothing. Just walk around him in a circle flaming him, he'll eventually die.

Flame thrower is the best weapon in the game. "Magma Minigun"? Ha, joke compared to that sucker : )

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Re:How do you kill the "Boss"?

[Post New]by HoudiniCats on Jul 17, 11 11:35 PM
The easiest way is to keep dashing back and forth and bumping the the two electric stations on the right and left which then turn from red to green...use flame thrower when close to Boss and keep luring him from top of screen to the center where the silver grid is....don't wait to check...he is dumb and if you lure him, he will follow....when he has followed you, go to the bottom middle and bump the center console (even if it is green) you will see electricity (as the hint advises for the game) shoot out and stop him...take a stance while he is being fried and fire. Best weapon there is number 9. You may have to repeat this process (right, left, bottom center console) three or four times...but it is the fastest way to eliminate him.

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Re:How do you kill the "Boss"?

[Post New]by Liz_Lemon on Oct 13, 12 3:45 PM
The boss can not shoot at you if his arm is pinned up against a chain link fence, but you can shoot out at it.
I ran in to the area with the generators -- I think there is one at the left and right and there are two chain link fence sections in a bracket shape [ ] on either side. There is also a little control panel with a little red monitor screen.
I ran in there and as the boss approached, I tucked myself in between the generator and the fence on the inside and the boss pinned himself up against the chain link on the outside and then I turned on the flame thrower and let him have it. I just kept blasting and the boss couldn't shoot at me, I was too close and it looked like his arm was pinned up against the fence.
I did not lose one single health point in that position, and it took at few minutes of blasting until the red line was empty.
You do have to make sure you lead the boss in at the correct angle so you are face to face with chain link between you.
Good Luck!
And I concur with the post that says the flame thrower is the best weapon in the game. It doesn't have as much distance as the rocket/grenade launchers, so they do have their purpose but the flame thrower will actually shoot through most obstacles (rocks and shipping containers) and kill the first line of zombies up against them. I killed most of the zombies that way, on the level with the flood water. LOL -- just kept blasting at them with flamethrower through the rocks and barriers. Not so good on solid walls, but I had some success with that too.

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