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Boxshop Level 3

[Post New]by Jezhara on Jun 5, 11 4:34 AM
I cannot get the 4 stars for all shops on this level before time runs out. I have the same shops next to each other, the best employee and decorations. Any suggestions please?

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Re:Boxshop Level 3

[Post New]by Buzz999 on Jan 11, 12 9:54 PM
Not sure where that was, but having the first of any store gives an extra star. So if you have some flexibility - upgrade those first. Also - red star strip in front of store is 'premium' - extra star. I'm not sure if you get the extra star after you purchase a 'first' store, but you do get premium if you purchase a premium location. (By purchase, I mean already built stores - not empty stalls)

I check out competition in mid stages of mall, and try to build any remaining 'first' stores.


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