elizabeth find- blood draws

[Post New]by tlc816 on Jun 5, 11 9:48 AM
How do you get the blood to sample and then submit. Always tells me I need to do correctly . I get the sample but can't process it.

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Re:elizabeth find- blood draws

[Post New]by flapkat on Aug 22, 11 9:33 PM
try clicking on the large syringe, then drag it over to the "test tube " of blood. It should fill automatically with "blood". Then, click on one of 3 bottles in the background; marked A, B or Rh. The process is the same for all three types, you have to add A to the dish; then B to the dish, then Rh to the dish, so 3 seperate steps for each type. When you think you know the blood type, click submit...and it will tell you if you are right or wrong. If you have missed a step, you get that "follow procedure" message and have to start over again.

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