How to earn extra money for levels

[Post New]by whitepriestess on Jun 5, 11 6:54 PM
Since it seems that a few players are having difficulty making expert, I thought I would post some tips on how to do so.

This is probably common sense but what I do is try to buy new outfits for both males and females as early on as possible. I believe that new outfits will earn you more money so that's why I go with this strategy. Also, make sure that you check out the shop upgrades such as buying the cookie oven and TV. They're similar to the Cake Mania series in that way. In addition, there are upgrades to increase customers' patience and tips so make sure to take advantage of those.

There are 4 types of bonus mechanics which can help you earn extra money and could be the difference in making expert on some levels. They are:

clearance bonus
speed bonus
customer bonus
save bonus

As you play through the game, make sure to read the tips after completing a level to see how to earn these bonuses. I can post some spoilers if anyone would like further help on how to earn these bonuses.

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