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Level 75 help

[Post New]by unicorn68 on Sep 5, 08 3:21 PM
Hi ;-)

I tryied uncoutable times to beat this level... but with no success
My problem is with the door; after opening the lock: where to stand and where to put the magical door.

Any help please?

Nevermind; figured it out by myself...

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Re:Welcome to Magus: In Search of Adventure forum

[Post New]by duckey on Aug 3, 09 12:22 AM
I have been playing this game. I am on level 34 and the gave freezes up. I have windows xp on my computer. Is theresomething that I can do?


Welcome to Magus: In Search of Adventure forum

[Post New]by scone55 on Jul 3, 11 2:41 PM
bfgFlounder wrote:Welcome to Magus: In Search of Adventure forum! This is your place to ask questions, share tips, and connect with other Magus: In Search of Adventure players.

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leval 3 when diging first and 2nd hole i get traped and die
i do i get out?

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