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K 1 trouble!

[Post New]by Cheetarah on Jun 9, 11 10:49 PM
I have lost the stone mason that was freed from the stocks and the merchant in which to buy the magic beans has left the village. I had to use two beans to rescue the villager from the tower. I didn't know the merchant would only sell you two beans and then leave the village. Do I have to start this whole scenario over now?

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Re:K 1 trouble!

[Post New]by SeverineSnape on Jun 10, 11 3:06 PM
You won't need that mason for anything, as you won't be able to build a masonry in K1 anyway. The mason should have told you to build a stone quarry in the giant's enclosure in the south. You don't need the mason himself for this.

There should be another merchant just northeast of the giant's enclosure, near the water. You will need to do a few quests for the merchant before he will sell you any magic beans.

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