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ENDINGS (Nothing but spoilers)

[Post New]by LadyWyntre on Jun 11, 11 9:07 AM
Okay, I have limited time and patience in my life. I happily played it through once. I will not play it through again anytime soon.

That said, I'd like to know about the ending I didn't get.

I went through like a vampire! I bit everybody I could bite. I would've bitten Van Helsing if it had let me. So here's the ending I got:

First ending: Van Helsing pleaded with me to release Mina. No dice. I said "Hey, look how pretty she looks now! She'll be this beautiful forever" or somesuch. Looked as if I converted her. Igor thwacked Van Helsing from behind. We assumed he was dead.

Mina, Igor, and I went hunting in the bonus content for the artifact that gave the now-defeated queen such magnificent power. It was awesome. We went hunting under Notre Dame, found the artifact, and claimed it. Van Helsing showed up. Hey! We thought you were dead! But no. He demanded the release of Mina (ha ha ha ha ha) and the powerful artifact. Never! He had a crucifix. Don't make me laugh. I now have a powerful religious artifact also, and it struck him down and killed him--for reals this time, methinks. Mina, Igor, and I lived happily (and powerfully!) ever after.

So those are the evil endings. I'd be seriously grateful if someone would post the angelic endings (or even just message me with it). Then I, too, would live happily ever after.

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Re:ENDINGS (Nothing but spoilers)

[Post New]by crowtrobot on Apr 21, 12 11:25 AM
I just upgraded to CE and have only played it once. Reading your description of the ending makes me wonder: SPOILERS Since I didn't bite the girls, it was Van Helsing, Dracula and Igor who go through the bonus section. In the Pluto Temple, after breaking open the roof, a rope drops down and Dracula remarks on it. It is never mentioned again. I wonder if the devs goofed up by having two endings in the bonus section, and that the rope is from the version with Mina and it is Van Helsing's rope?

I was annoyed by more than one section where the three characters are onscreen, no one talks, but the "camera" focuses on one character after another, in a "pan and scan" type mode that movies often have.

I'll have to play where I bite all the girls so I can see the different bonus ending (and also get the achievement for biting all the girls!).

I'm glad I read your spoilers. It didn't occur to me that if the ending of the regular game was where Mina was bitten that she would be in the bonus game!

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