Rooster puzzle?

[Post New]by hookedonHOG on Jun 11, 11 11:48 AM
does anyone have a solution for this puzzle i am having a hard time with this one i did it once before took a long time then // I get down to maybe one part thats not turned right but i have to turn others the wrong way again

i have always hated this kind of puzzle and now i no why especially since i am on a time limit


Re:Rooster puzzle?

[Post New]by Bigfishette on Jun 15, 11 8:18 AM
Me too. I hate these kinds of puzzles. Been stuck on it forever. Maybe we'll receive a solution from someone here.

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Re:Rooster puzzle?

[Post New]by Opus1965 on Jun 16, 11 9:15 AM
My suggestion would be to start at the upper left-hand side, work across and then go down. The last row has more rivets than the others. So some tiles at the botton can be flipped one at a time, instead of a group. Hope this helps.


Re:Rooster puzzle?

[Post New]by kitkat1978 on Jun 17, 11 4:55 PM
This shows you how to solve the Rooster Puzzle....this IS NOT MY VIDEO. It is, however, one part of a video walkthrough on how to play the game.

Good luck

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