Level 2.4

[Post New]by jamieanddarlene on Jun 11, 11 5:55 PM
how can I finish before night fall

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Re:Level 2.4

[Post New]by JVC0119 on Jun 17, 11 1:56 PM
WAREHOUSE, food, renewing wood, renewing food, repair road, wood, repair road, food, food, wood, wood, repair road, TEMPLE, logs, logs

Ghost, FISHING HUT, BONUS – EXTRA WORKER, renewing items & logs – priority to top side of semi-circle to get to resources, UPGRADE FISHING HUT, COTTAGE

One worker gathers resources until wood of 15, then builds bridge up. Other works toward bottom gold mine. BONUS – SPEEDY RENEWAL (Priority to renewing items from now on)

1 worker works to upper mine, other gathers remainder of items on top right path. BONUS – SPEEDY RENEWAL

1 workers starts on boulders to right (pick top or bottom of circle and stay with it, do NOT need all boulders gone), while other builds bridges and gathers gold & renewing resources.

Once 2nd bridge is built and only 2 boulders left to get (ignoring other two), use the BONUS – PICK AXE

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