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Loved this game

[Post New]by SGOLDSAC on Jun 11, 11 6:16 PM
This is a great game. The right amount of time and the puzzles were good, although, a skip would be nice on the pipes. It is so nice to have a game that is not full of witches, vampires, and other creepy things.


Re:Loved this game

[Post New]by hollywoodmargie on Mar 13, 12 5:45 AM
I agree they should have a skip button on the pipes I have been stuck on that and can't find the hose to start the machine Help

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Re:Loved this game

[Post New]by mdblocher on Aug 8, 12 3:00 PM
I also loved the game.
It ends with the words "to be continued".
Is there a sequel?

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