Blessing of wickedness

[Post New]by Bluetabby on Jun 13, 11 8:22 PM
Ok I've looked at other questions and not found this one so I'll ask it!
I've played before a long time ago. Now I can't remember what to do... Hepititus won't say anything more then that if we don't leave she'll turn us into toads...or something...anyway she won't give me the quest to find her an actors guild card! So talking to the others in the quest does nothing!
What am I missing to get it so that Lya will ask Hepititus for a blessing? (I think that's what needs to happen) Please help I've almost gotten to the Land of the Lost! and still don't have that blessing! !


Re:Blessing of wickedness

[Post New]by Bluetabby on Jun 14, 11 9:26 AM
I figured out what the problem was! I needed to look at the sign outside her house! lol so simple.

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