Financial limitations.

[Post New]by decomama on Jun 18, 11 2:33 PM
I was searching for an answer as to how to get credits to use to buy games. I read a post that debrided me indirectly that anyone should be able to afford $7 for a game. There are 3 of us who live on my retirement of $730 a month. Work is scarce for my husband and stepson. Our regular monthly bills of rent and utilities eat up $600 of that. We have one 'luxury' internet at $35 a month. I use the internet as TV, message survice and games playing. Don't throw stones unless you have walked in my shoes. I am not on welfare, I am on a teacher retirement pension. I worked a total of 25 years after raising 2 children so I could afford to live below the poverty level. I think with having prepared hundreds of children for the world I have earned a free game on the internet. I play until my hour is up and would very much like to continue the game, but is simply is not an option for me, I accept that but I certainly don't appreciate someone who obviously CAN afford to pay for these games putting me down when I truly cannot afford to buy them. Walk in my shoes before you belittle my blisters.


Re:Financial limitations.

[Post New]by denniann2 on Nov 8, 13 3:01 PM
i agree with you. sometimes people don't think about the "other half" and how they have to live. karma is a wonderful thing and you put out what you get back. they will get it back however karma thinks they should.

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