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I Keep Thinkg There is a Better Programming Solution To All the Resolution Issue

[Post New]by pgillenw on Jun 18, 11 5:14 PM
There has to be a programming solution for games that fail to render correctly on various OS' and varied graphics cards.

Developers often use 3rd party plug-ins adding to support of technical issues. Without standards requirements guidance from BF the problems being reported on the Forums will continue to mount.

I believe there exist a common denominator.

Games should always adjust to the resolution needed to play a game - if windowed mode is not supported then the game should take care of this issue with out user intervention.

BF it would probably be a useful for your technical staff to study which games presents the least amount of tech support contacts and whines on the Forum and come up with a solid list of recommendations, requirements to program against.

Often programmers will code to the latest and greatest gadget available or develop on the most powerful hardware available (if they can afford to). While this is great fun for the programmer this practice may not play well in the marketplace.

For example the Mystery Legends games play well but the Nightfall Mysteries do not. Why is this? The recent (very recent games) e.g. Secrets of the Dark: Temple of Night plays with out a hitch.

It has to be very expensive to try and solve through Customer Support all of the screen resolution issues being reported.

Perhaps the QA Staff might test on old and new OS' as well as a variety of graphics cards. Perhaps there is a hard requirement by a game that it will not play with specific installed graphics cards and drivers. Perhaps it might be useful to add to your suggested Requirements a list of supported graphics cards and suggested driver versions.

There just has to be a solution to these problems. Gamer's are obviously wanting to play the problematic games, the market exists.

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