SPOILERS: Tips & Tricks To Greater Fun Playing This Game! :)

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Hi Everyone!

Apparently, no Walkthrough exists for this game, anywhere. Thus, having succesfully played both the Casual and the Expert versions of this fun HOG adventure game, I have several crucial tips, for those of you experiencing frustration in locating items. All of the following, could be considered SPOILERS, so please don't read any of the suggestions, if you'd prefer to take this challenging game on, without any clues.

1) Though this game was primarily created by non-native English-speakers, it was put through Quality Assurance testing by numerous native English-speakers. Regardless of this fact, there are countless language/labeling errors to be found, particularly in the first 1/2 to 2/3rds, of the game. As such, when you are unable to find an object that is described in a certain manner, you will need to "think outside of the box" and ignore many of the descriptive terms given in the clues.

For example, metals are often mislabelled. If it says to look for something "copper", it actually may be "brass", "pewter", "iron", "wood", "gold", or a whole range of other metal types, and vice versa.

If an object is described as "large", look for something "small" and vice versa.

If something is labeled one color, look for it in another, similar color (e.g., white could actually be silver, yellow, orange, etc.).

If it says an object has one handle, look for the object with two handles, and vice versa.

"White spotted" means something (of another color) that has white spots on it, not something white that has spots on it.

"Goblets" are often called "mugs", and vice versa.

"Shells" may be seashells or any opened container that could hold something in it.

The two Tribal Chief Status Objects are a feathered headdress and a skull with feathers attached to the end of a long stick. These are often signs that a tribe has been defeated.


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Re:SPOILERS: Tips & Tricks To Greater Fun Playing This Game! :)

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(Tips & Tricks For This Game Continued From Previous Post Above)

2) There are no "click penalties" in this game, UNLESS you click 3 items too quickly together, in time. So, click slowly between items and it will save you lots of gold coins!

3) When beginning your "Special Magnifying Lens View" search for "Cherished Items", start by looking in the upper right hand corner of the screen, to determine EXACTLY what type of "Cherished Item" you will be looking for. Then, decide where in the screen image/picture, that item would MOST LOGICALLY be located. If it's something LARGE, look for a LARGE open space, where that object could fit. You may need to do the opposite, for SMALL items. If it's an object that probably hangs on a wall, start your search on the wall space. If it's something that probably hangs from a rope, ceiling hook, or similar high location, start your search at the top of the screen picture.

4) "Cherished Items" DO NOT MOVE. They always remain hidden in the same place. That means you MUST keep moving your cursor/mouse, in order to land EXACTLY upon the "Cherished Item" (at which time, flames will appear and a loud noise will be made).

5) During the timed "Gold Treasure Collection Hunts", start by locating the largest items made of gold and the largest stacks of gold coins, to click on, FIRST. If you have enough time, you can go back later, to get the single coins, scattered about. There's no "CLICK PENALTY" for clicking as rapidly as you can, during these TIMED HUNTS.

6) The "Expert" version of the game is actually easier to play, (but not available until AFTER you've played the "Casual Version"). The "Expert Version" doesn't use language at all, only shadow outlines of the exact same objects you had to locate, during the "Casual Version". Some of the outlines can show objects upside-down, or lying in a different position, than they are in the screen picture. Keep that in mind, if you have trouble finding an item.

7) For additional "Tips & Tricks" go here: http://forums.bigfishgames.com/posts/list/24271.page

Best wishes to all you searching pirate "Co-Captains"! Bon Voyage!

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