What is with this game?

[Post New]by yankeesonlygirl on Jun 19, 11 11:43 AM
This is the first time I have never been able to finish a game. The bugs that eat the seeds/flowers are way to many. I cannot proceed any further because I have to spend the whole time killing the bugs. I cannot get the flowers to grow.

The upgrades are very slow. If this is supposed to be a time game, you would think that getting faster bees would help. Oh no, thats way to much to ask for.

If they would speed up the upgrades and not have the massive attack of the little bugs all in one level, this game would be good. The concept is good, just needs some tweaking.

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Re:What is with this game?

[Post New]by vibtek on Nov 26, 11 6:53 PM
Part of the problem is is how fast your computer processes the game. I used to how very slow graphics. I have been playing some games on Windows 7 it helps to play the games better. Plus you have to have a good driver in your display adapter if your computer video card is not up to date. another thing adjust your mouse speed in the control pannel, and your trouble shooter will will work better on the first part of the game If you are on Windows XP move the gauge about three notches to the left on the first three or four levels. around the fifth or sixth level switch it back to normal speed. It should play normal without any slow downs. Depends on your computer.

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