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Level 22 and 23

[Post New]by gumma0 on Jun 20, 11 12:17 PM
Any suggestions for gettint gold on either level 22 or 23


Re:Level 22 and 23

[Post New]by Alisandra46 on Jun 23, 11 10:52 PM
22 - unique upgrades should be extra guests

once you upgrade, you have met the goal, so you can sell to get the $$

23 - once you build and upgrade near the zoo, you have met the goal for a hotel near the zoo and can sell the hotel

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Re:Level 22 and 23

[Post New]by cleep100 on Nov 9, 12 10:58 AM
On Level 22, I cannot get enough guests fast enough to make Expert. Any suggestions? Would building a second museum help?


Re:Level 22 and 23

[Post New]by motoracer6 on Jan 13, 13 7:29 AM
Expert!! So here's what I did
Sell family hotel you own for equal or more than selling price
Buy 500 materials and 1 worker
Build construction mill in up right corner of top row
Buy $25k lot that has reduced income percentage
When mill finished, get 500 free materials
NOTE: get 500 free materials and use fast build feature on construction mill whenever they become available.
Buy 250 materials and Build Resort Hotel on one of the reduced income lots using the fast build construction mill feature
Sell RH just built and buy another reduced income 25k lot
Build Resort Hotel on reduced income lot just bought and sell it
Get 4 more workers (you should have 10 total)
Buy 25k lot on far right in the middle row
Using 500 free materials from mill, buy more materials to get at least 1400 and build two Resort Hotels -- one in bottom row on right and one in middle row on far right
Upgrade the 2 hotels with extra guests power up and to at least 2 stars
Buy the motel on the reduced income lot on middle row on left.
Destroy motel just bought and build Resort Hotel
Sell RH just made.
Buy the Holiday hotel in top row, destroy it and replace with Resort hotel
Upgrade RH just built with extra guests power up and 2 stars minimum.
Buy 2 more properties on right hand side, destroy and replace with Resort Hotels, upgrade them using extra guests power up and 2 stars.
You should now have 5 total RH's on right side of board across various rows.
NOTE: throughout building the 5 RH's, if you have $$ available, you should buy at least 2 more Family Hotels and destroy them to make room for museum and extra selling properties.
Upgrade all 5 Resort Hotels to 3 stars
Buy max materials and build museum on right hand side of board, on any row you have an empty lot available.
By this time you should have approximately $200k available.
In last remaining empty lot, build Resort Hotel and sell it to get the remaining $300k needed for money goal.

Hope I remembered it right. Good luck!

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