Level 36

[Post New]by Berthelotte on Jun 22, 11 5:23 AM
I need help on level 36 getting expert. How do i get the rating within the time limit?


Re:Level 36

[Post New]by mildaplotkin on Jul 9, 11 3:17 PM
Here's (generally) what I did - I got under 5 minutes on this one. You will need the upgrade that gives you a 1/3 chance of getting a hotel half off when you try to buy it.

Build a factory and a Royal; sell the Royal.

Start buying empty lots; buy every one you can get while doing other stuff (I bought them straight out, not using the chance button).

Buy 5000 materials and 5 more workers.
Build a casino hotel and sell it.

On each row, build one colonade of stars on a -20% off property. This will get rid of all negative modifers so you have that checked off now.

Now, everytime a hotel comes up for sale, try to buy it using the 1/3 chance half off button - eventually you will get most of them. Try to get at least one of the casino hotels half off; then sell it. You can then try to buy it back half off. Easy money to help your buying streak.

Build casino hotels in all of the empty lots. I didn't waste time destroying any existing properties to build casino hotels, just on the empty lots. I also bought at least 5 more workers, I had a lot of them.

Upgrade every property with the special bonus "increase ratings".

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